Friday, July 3, 2015

Hitherto unknown.

Six thirty am. The builders come to pick up their cement mixer. '' Got an emergency. We'll be back. Probably on Monday " says the chief honcho with studied imprecision. What sort of emergency requires a cement mixer is left unsaid.

Seven. The electricians show up to repair the security lights. Despite aggressive lopping of the wisteria branches , they have managed to get stuck permanently on. Something deeply irritating about security lights beaming away on a sunny day. The electrical system in The Rickety Old Farmhouse is an impenetrable example of French logic. The lights are switched off , not as one might expect at the circuit board , but at a hitherto unknown switch in the garage.

The PONs watch the coming and goings with interest. Before the builders leave they are coerced into a five minute game of 'throw the furry fox'. The electricians prove to be standoffish. Sophie gives them a look that makes it clear they're off her Christmas card list. The PONs make their own amusement. This involves Sophie stealing her brothers toy and then savaging him; noisily.

Eight thirty. The Old Farmer hoists a very large yellow canister onto the back of a trailer. '' Just off to get some diesel at a very good price " he informs me. As he says this he winks and touches the side of his nose with his index finger. '' Just 1500 litres " he adds as if this somehow puts everything into perspective.


  1. But Sophie looks angelic in that third photo...

    1. A phrase containing the words 'looks' and 'deceptive' springs to mind.

  2. I have no idea how anyone would not want to play throw the furry fox!

  3. Building "emergency" that early on a Friday morning? That normally translates as a weekend foreigner... But at least they did the decent thing and "threw the furry fox" before they went - Bob has them well trained.
    That third photo shows just how angelic the happy duo can look, but we guess the fourth one is nearer to reality !!

  4. The Old Farmer seems to be doing to get some diesel...winking and touching his nose...I just love that old guy.
    A really GOOD price usually means FOC around these parts.

  5. For me, that's a lot before noon -- I wonder what the afternoon will bring!

  6. I enjoy watching the Pons in training for throw the fury fox! It is definitely amusing!!!

  7. Sophie's right. No snacks, no games, no cards.

  8. Emergency requiring a cement mixer. Good question for parlour games.

  9. Could the emergency requiring a cement mixer be related to the mysterious source of diesel!