Friday, July 17, 2015

A triple whammy.

Bob and his master head off for a early morning walk. Cool at six but by the time we're homeward bound forty five minutes later it's already hot. We take a short cut up through the sunflower fields. For Bobs companion the walk back up the hill less easy going than it was heading down.

In the little market town there's a demonstration in support of Greece. " No to the bankers. No to the politicians. No to austerity. Yes to the hard working Greek people " says their billboard. A group of young men, and one not so young man with a shaved head, set up a display of red flags. After that the young men laze against the railings, smile and engage passing young women in meaningful discussion. Politics may, or may not, be what they want to talk about. The older shaven headed man wraps a red flag around his shoulders, lies down against the wall of the pharmacy and has a nap. Clearly too warm for a revolution.

We think of having lunch at the friendly little restaurant under the arcades. Usually a haven of cool in the relentless heat. Today however the wind is blowing straight from the Sahara. It's channeled along the length of the arcades, howling as it goes. We head home.

Sophie finds the toy that makes a life like bird noise when shaken. Bob considers this to be a work of the devil and goes and lies in my office. For a full hour the house resounds to the tweets of a strangled and gummed linnet. For Sophie this represents a triple whammy - it's great fun, it makes a noise and it annoys her brother .

So passes a crushingly hot day in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Where can I get one of those strangled linnet things? Sounds such fun.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Next time you're in London try Orvis in Haymarket. They have a sale online at the moment but the singing birds aren't part of it .

    1. Oh but there is an Orvis outlet in Banchory!

  3. Annoying brothers is fun.....although in this house, annoying sisters is more common.

  4. I think I heard that darned bird thing from our house! A bit too hot for me with you at the moment. Hope it cools down a bit for you soon.

  5. What's the latest on the absinthe and beer crowd?

  6. Bailey Bob's bird toys come from under Audubon. Hope this helps Bouncing Bertie.

  7. "a strangled and gummed linnet" -- still laughing.

    Wondering if the red-flag protestors ever got their demonstration going.