Friday, July 31, 2015

The frou-frou lady.

It rains in a desultory ' I can't really be bothered' type way. The small army of melon pickers in the field at the crossroads seem delighted with the break in the heat. We wave. They wave back. Bob and Sophie bark.

The wrens nesting in the wisteria are also rejuvenated by the fresher weather. They chirrup happily away. Sophie sits for hours glaring at them. Bob wonders what she's glaring at.

The village fete on Sunday. The lady in the purple hat who sings the Marseillaise on Armistice Day has set out a variety of plant pots along her garden wall. The pots are colour coordinated in a rather frou-frou way.

In the afternoon the council workmen deliver crowd barriers. These are stacked up behind the war memorial. An unbiased observer might wonder if arranging for crowd barriers is wishful thinking on the organizers part. On our evening walk Bob christens them.  

Just another of those days with dogs, too uneventful for a diary but too important to be completely forgotten. 

The heat returns tomorrow. The mayor and The Old Farmer will be getting the replica 16th century pottery kiln ready for its annual firing.


  1. Oh dear. Is it that time of year. The poor old kiln. I do hope it all goes well.
    The Purple Hat Lady's display is rather pink, but her tree is beautiful.

  2. Good to know that Sophie is keeping an eye on things - those wrens can get very cheeky given the chance !
    We'd quite forgotten about the kiln. If previous years are anything to go by, it will probably make the local headlines. "Explosions in deepest France profonde" are rather worrying these days. We too, hope all goes well.

  3. One family of wee birds. Hours of entertainment for all.

  4. Watch the birdie...two PONs hypnotised!

  5. Crowd barriers? We can only hope. It would make for such an amusing day for Bob and Sophie.
    I love seeing all of the pink flowers. Pink, blue, white and lilac, my favourite colours.

  6. Yay! My first firing of the old kiln. I'm so excited! Do they really put pottery in it? I have seen over fired pottery in a kiln; you don't know whether to laugh at all the bizarre shapes which have melted together, or cry because of all the work lost. Please report back on this years results. Love the pics of the bird watching duo!

  7. Inquiring minds want to know. Must know, Has someone to clean the ROF been found? xxx

    1. Madame Bay considers all potential applicants as either 'lazy' or 'idiotic'. The search continues.The last young lady was informed she was 'lacking in motivation '. Angus is steering well clear of the whole process.