Saturday, July 18, 2015


We find a spot in the multi-storey car park. Bob leads the way down the stairs. Sophie follows on cautiously behind. Saturday morning is not a good time to escort two lively PONs down a stair well. Today we have a 'diva moment' when Sophie discovers a pack of crisps that someone has dropped on the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors. By the time I've said 'No !' the crisps have been devoured and the wrapper is being licked.

At the cheese lady we buy some Gaperon.  Angus has never heard of it. The cheese lady says it comes from the Auvergne. Bob and Sophie are rewarded with tiny slivers of Salers. Bob does his ' I really love you ' dance and shows his overbite.  A little grilled prawn at the fish counter completes the PONs culinary outing. As we climb back up the stairs Sophie lingers to see if the crisp packet has refilled itself.

Yesterday was hot. Today is hot and humid. Overnight there's been heavy rain over the mountains. It hasn't quite reached us. Sophie is happy to play indoors with the chirruping linnet. She hurtles from the library to the front door and then back again... and again... and again. 

On the streets of the little market town the lamp posts are still puffing out super chilled vapour. Clouds of water surprising the unwary. Four steel chairs have been cemented by the council into position underneath the lamp post by the newsagent. A perfect position to be engulfed in fog. Is this intentional or a mistake ?

And here is a link to Gaperon cheese :


  1. Couldn't even get Gruyere here. We just have Tasty or Tasty light.......

  2. My mum said her mouth starts watering every time you show pictures of all your cheeses and pastries. She really can only go to the supermarket and so is stuck with buying whatever they have displayed. She does like to buy Brie, though -- all of the other cheeses she likes have too many calories. Same thing with the pastries.

    If we ever manage to come to France, can we come and visit you guys? It sounds really interesting for a pup there!!

    Au revoir and Toodle Pip


  3. Such a contrast to our start of our day as I began mine with a walk on Virginia Beach -- But I always enjoy a good cheese no matter where I am!

  4. A delightful treat for Bob and Sophie! They are happy, and bring joy to others who encounter them in town. I do believe if someone gave me a taste of that glorious cheese, I would respond as Bob does!

  5. What I would give to have a cheese shop close by like the one you shop in! There is a local supermarket that has a pitiful selection of imported cheeses. They do carry one Brie from France that is heavenly compared to the American version. If I ever had the opportunity to travel to France, cheese and pastry shops would be the first thing on my itinerary! Diet be damned!

  6. Cheese flavored with pepper and pink garlic. No wonder Bob did a happy dance.
    Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  7. Mmmm... cheese - no wonder Bob did his little dance !