Saturday, July 4, 2015

Festy Night.

Still searingly hot but the wind has eased a bit. The angelic duo are rather nonplussed to find that there are no visitors today. They sit on the wooden table by the pool waiting.

In the little market town the street lamps have a spray attachment. When the temperature hits 40 a cloud of cold water vapour comes shooting out. This happens every minute or so. Bob views this development with wary aloofness. He moves out of the way. A suddenly chilled Sophie has a diva moment of the ear splitting  ' do you know what just happened to me ' variety. We buy our croissants and hurry home.

A sign on the town hall noticeboard. Another music night, this time organised by the Village Fleuri Committee. The mayors secretary double booked the last one, two weeks ago, with the special needs home discotheque. The depressive physiotherapist with his accordion and the three teenage boys with their acoustic guitars played to an extremely appreciative audience . 

A Festy Night is on the cards.  It starts at 7.30 with 'Les Kanarys' followed by a Soiree Neige at 10. What this might entail remains to be seen. The Chairman of the Village Fleuri Committee, who Madame Bay informs us suffers from anger management issues, is responsible for cooking the faux filets. It should, in so many ways, be a memorable evening. 


  1. Is the Village Committee Chairman related to your housecleaner who also seems to have anger management issues?

    1. Based on her no-show last week we are assuming ex-cleaner.

  2. At first glance that furry fox looks quite realistic - stunned and battered for sure, but quite life-like !
    It will possibly be even more of a memorable evening if you've forgotten where you put the ear plugs.....

  3. Spray attachment on street lamps? Well, I never... Sophie had every right to voice her displeasure!

  4. Looking forward to the report on the Festy Night. You'll be attending of course?

  5. Wow.The furry fox still looks like a furry fox.
    The clothes shop in the last picture may want to reconsider the 'less is more' approach to window dressing. Those mannequins look positively lonely.
    Have a lovely weekend and a great Festy Night!

  6. Add the fireworks, and you would have an American July 4th celebration!

    --Read your comment above about Caroline, I wondered if she was a no show this past week.

  7. Can't wait to hear what happens! I'm with Sophie, I don't think I'd appreciate being sprayed without warning. It's like the produce section in the grocery store.

  8. I'm rather admiring the idea of street sprays coordinated with temperature -- ingenious. The ones in the grocery stores are so annoying because they invariably leave you with a faceful of cold water when all you wanted was some radishes.