Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A triumphant marriage.

The PONs and their master head down through the sunflower fields to the stream. We dream of rain. The clouds on the horizon have other ideas. They remain in exactly the same spot throughout the day. Lazy clouds.

Bob observes while I pour 50 kilos of salt into the pool. Why anyone ever has a pool is beyond me. An eternity of adding chemicals and checking PH balances all for a few brief weeks of use.

Afterwards, the wooden table is power washed. Bob opts to use it for a few minutes shut eye. Being the family guardian and pool supervisor is tiring work.

By late afternoon the clouds have melted into an all encompassing heat haze. We amble rather than walk down to the waterfall. Even the young Texan comments on the particularity of the heat. From the corner of the ridge a view of sunflowers stretching far into the distance. Bob and Sophie contentedly sniff scents.

The Old Farmers impromptu tour bus is sporting a new roof. The mayor had some spare plastic sheeting. This has been stretched over the Fords bare metal frame to provide commodious shade for the village elders. Their enthusiasm for the daily wind-in-the-hair excursion to neighbouring villages shows no sign of waning. The decision to only visit village halls which have functioning WC's a triumphant marriage of practicality and scheduling.


  1. Love the photo of Bob resting after his exhausting supervision. Glad the Village Elders are aging disgracefully.

  2. At least the sunflowers appear to be thriving in the heat. I guess the clue is in the name.

  3. Paradise ! Field after field of sunflowers, impromptu bus tours and functioning W.C's - what more could the village elders want.? Oh yes, a bottomless stainless steel tea urn filled with the Old Farmers latest vintage...
    Bob deserves his few minutes power nap - so much to see to, and that sister to keep a close eye on !

  4. I love the Old Farmers' creativity, enthusiasm and energy!
    How comfortable Bob looks on his table.

  5. Happy Faces! The sunflowers in all their glory; Bob smiling over a job well done ( by you) ; and in my mind, the "older ones" traveling in their custom made coach. Triumphant marriages all the way around !!!

  6. If Bob was observing the salt-adding, I'd be wondering about what Sophie was doing. Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  7. Your sunflower photos are always so beautiful.
    Stay cool.