Friday, July 10, 2015

Disapproving owners.

Friday morning. The heat is back. 

Nothing for a boy to do but sit on the garden table and chew a toy ...

and have a nap .

Sophie wonders how to 'liberate' Bobs toy without waking him.

On the village green the first of the old folk are arriving at the Salle des Fetes. It's opened at six so that they can relax in the airconditioned cool. The Very Old Farmer is wheeled over for lunch and dinner. A circle of chairs will form in the shade outside the front door and the rest of their day will be spent putting the world to rights. Bob and Sophie are keen to wander over at meal times. The old folks have a habit of slipping tidbits to them from the table. The PONs think this is wonderful. Their disapproving owners hope they won't expect this sort of treatment at home. 


  1. Old folk and children are definitely the best bet for food scraps. Happy hunting Bob and Sophie.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Good to hear the Very Old Farmer's able to attend.

  2. Its amazing how dogs know who to go to for those illicit treats!

  3. In the second photo, Sophie does look like she's trying to sneak up on poor Bob to steal his toy.
    Bob and Sophie sure know how to "train" the villagers to carry out their wishes for giving them titbits....they're so adorable, who could resist?

  4. Loving reading about your heat! Its sunny but cold here - looking forward to warmth again.
    Sure tidbits will be forthcoming for the duo - who could resist those eyes... although like your Sophie, my Poppy manages to "eat for New Zealand" and attracts her share of extra illicit food, so she has to exist on her Royal Canin Satiety biscuits to maintain her perfect body score... she gives me the evils about being fed flavoured cardboard equivalent biscuits, but they work!

  5. Who could possibly resist giving those two adorable PONs a treat or two? You can see by the look on poor Sophie's face that their cruel owners don't feed them !!

  6. We're sure the PONs are giving the oldies lots of pleasure, too.