Sunday, July 12, 2015


Schools are out and the pre-July 14th holiday rush is in full spate. The village, quiet at the best of times, has fallen into a slumber. The radio full of dire warnings of criminal gangs posing as policemen on the motorways. Here nothing stirs .

It's been so hot the bark from the trees has dried out and fallen on the ground. The lawn littered with shards of tree trunk. Sophie tries chewing it but it's too inedible even for her.

The old folks trip in the back of ancient Ford went well. However, these trips will be self regulating. There are no 'comfort stations' in the country and pieces of ground uninhabited by nettles, brambles or wild roses are few and far between. It seems the loading and unloading of those wishing to 'disembark' was not a speedy process.

The sun's still rising but Bob knows what he'd like to spend his day doing. "Throw the Furry Fox ". Barely seven in the morning and the day's already proving to be the best ever.

The obituary in this weeks Economist  -
 -  made me look up the appearance on television. I can't remember ever having seen it

How amazing to be surrounded by so many lives you've saved.

Thank heavens for the quiet unassuming ones. 


  1. Oh dear yes, when contemplating the hazards of the old folks' adventure, I forgot the all too predictable problems when copious wine combines with aged bladders and arthritic joints.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Have seen Sir Nicholas Winton appearances several times...what an incredible man. Hope Bob finds some throwers.

  3. Another PON best day ever - it must mean sausages are on the menu, followed by hour upon hour of "Throw the furry fox"! If it ever becomes an Olympic event, Bob and the morose builders' lads will surely win a gold.
    Perhaps the old folk would be better to save the wine until they come back from their jolly jaunts !!

  4. Our news reported Sir Nicholas Winton's passing, but I'd not seen the video or read an entire story. Thank-you for posting, Angus. He truly was a hero--Brave, self-effacing, humble, a true example of humanity.

    Glad the "old folks trip" went well and they safely returned from their joy-ride!

  5. For all the electronic clutter that infests social media, so-called, there are times that it's valuable: Stories about Sir Nicholas have been turning up in various places for the last several years. Result: A lot of people who might otherwise know little or nothing of the history of his times have learned of him, with admiration. What a strange world we live in.

  6. Oh my goodness. 2 1/2 years. I remember when you found them at a farm.