Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Can it get any better ?

It's not so much the heat as the strong dry Saharan wind that's uncomfortable. The rose bushes shrivelling in front of our eyes. To avoid the heat ( and be up and about when the builders arrive ) the PONs set off for a walk at five. A mysterious 'quarter light' time of the day. Hares and deer look up to see who's intruding in their private world. The bees on the tilleuls on the village green already slaving thunderously away. You can here the humming from a hundred yards down the lane.

Bob is insistent he joins me for our morning trip into town. He usually sits behind the dog guard but today he's allowed on the back seat.  We drive along with all the windows down. His ears fly up in the wind. He has a look of unbridled joy on his face. Out with his best friend, no sister to bother him and the excitement of sitting somewhere he shouldn't.

Can it get any better ? Well, yes it can. There a crumbs from a Sacristan at the bakers.


  1. Well, the builders might just have a sausage or two about their persons, or the cheese lady might have a sliver or two of Chevres to spare, but no, it really couldn't get any better !
    Angus you paint such a wonderful picture of life in deepest France profonde, and your photos confirm that.

  2. Wheeee! Head out the car window, wind in the ears. What could be more fun Bob?
    Toodle pip!
    PS If not exactly a heat wave, we do have a "wow, it's actually feeling quite warm outside" wave going on in Aberdeen (23ºC).

  3. I love those early mornings when you feel like you have the world to yourself for a short while.
    It sounds as if you had a thoroughly satisfactory morning young Bob.

  4. Sounds very wise to be up and at 'em so early to beat the heat. As Gail said, it's even quite hot in the old country - a welcome but short lived 28C forecast today for Ayrshire. Stay cool.

  5. Do our eyes deceive us - or does that sign in the first photo say Hotel Restaurant de Bastard..... !

  6. Only way it could be better is if a saussage flew threw the window.

  7. Hotel Restaurant de Bastard? Are these the same people who've taken over the cafe under the arcade?