Sunday, May 1, 2016

A kiss.

May 1st. A national holiday in France. What happened to the week ? Come to that what happened to April ?

Back in Scotland it's been snowing on Coll and Tiree but the road outside The Rickety Old Farmhouse is bathed in sunshine. Bob and 'The Font' head off for a power walk round the lake. Angus and Sophie head off for a saunter across the village green. Power walking is not a Sophie character trait. She's either a 'sniff the flowers' or a 'let me at them' type of girl. Today is a sniff the flowers day.

There is to be a wedding in the church. A local pharmacist is marrying a Russian Airbus engineer. The village odd job man has been up early setting out the benches on either side of the aisle. The benches are designed for four footers with backsides of steel. Instruments of torture. The odd job man is oblivious to our presence. This is just as well. He maintains a long and angry conversation with himself as he works.

Sophie plays with a toy she's found in the rose beds.  When her brother returns she grumpily checks to make sure he's not had anything to eat.

In return he gives her a kiss. This is accepted reluctantly. 

Such different personalities.

The final paragraphs of this obituary for Prince seem to be written with an almost tangible passion:

And this is priceless and a sign that democracy is still alive and well :


Coppa's girl said...

So glad that Sophie took time to sniff the flowers.

Taste of France said...

Will we hear about the wedding?

Angus said...

In a village of 67 inhabitants a marriage ( even though the pharmacist isn't actually from the village ) will be a social high point.

Angus said...

Better than the alternative.

WFT Nobby said...

Let's hope the beauty of the wedding scene in the church will take the guests' minds off their uncomfortable backsides!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sophie's find looks like one our girl found the other day - From where, I've no idea.

I watched the President on the White House Correspondence Dinner last evening - I think he's got great comedic timing, but then, he's had a lot of practice too!

Good article about Prince. I agreed with the comments there that he took so much time to write songs, but no time to write a will. So, what will become of it all remains to be seen.

Emm said...

The Guardian left out one of the president's first lines, saying that someone else would give the speech next year "and it's anyone guess who she will be." Alas, the Economist wants me to subscribe before I can read its obit.
That last picture of Sophie and Bob is very sweet.

Sheila said...

The entire Prince obit seems to have been written with a 'tangible passion.' The opening one is poetry,
describes him so well. The writing in The Economist is always top notch. Too bad that there are no by-lines, but I guess it has always been the case.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the democracy once this campaign gets underway. If it's
Clinton vs. Trump, it will be brutal. As someone said, 'time to put the children away until November.'

Kari said...

Very sweet photo of tousle haired Bob and Sophie.
Prince , an artist vs. Entertainer
King and jester for Obama.

Unknown said...

Millie has a toy like Sophie’s. It never occupies her for more than a few moments. Yesterday’s prized possession was part of a cabbage she unearthed from the compost heap. It was carried about proudly, her head held high, and occasionally nibbled.

liparifam said...

I found myself surprisingly melancholy over the death of Prince; Purple Rain came out my senior year in college, and re-watching it brings back a lot of memories of younger days. Very sad end for yet another extraordinary artist. On another topic, I came across this blog post from Lost in Arles; perhaps you know someone who might help?

Kerrie Roberts said...

Your village has a very beautiful church. Do you know how old it is and when the restoration work was done ? Would love to visit it sometime.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Now that is a powerful article. He was an amazing person to be sure. Purple Rain came out when I was in Grade 11 - so "growing up" with his music was a fine thing indeed. The church is stunning - simply stunning. When we last visited bonny Scotland and then down to England, we stayed in a B & B in Ryton, Tyne and Wear. The B & B owners were keepers of the key for the village church. We got a tour. This church was erected in 1220. Incredible to say the least.