Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grass surfing.

This morning there's  a strength to the sun that shouts out summer's almost here. Shirt sleeve weather for our morning walk. Slipper orchids have made an appearance in a field in the valley. Hundreds  of them. While I  stop to take a photo Bob turns on his back and rolls over and over in the lush grass. Everything about him tells you he's a happy boy. Grass surfing Bob. His sister is also happy but she's in a drainage ditch seeking out vole poo. Such different characters.

In the afternoon a  group of cyclists in orange and black lycra whizz along the lane. They hurtle by like a swarm of overly large wasps. Bob watches in amazement from his stump seat.

The French always give each other Lily of the Valley for May 1st. The flower seller in the market is trying to unload the last of it.

Bob comes with me to buy tickets for the weekend rugby match. We stop off in  cafe on the square. I get a coffee. Bob gets a bowl of water. A senior gentleman sits watching the world go by. He's wearing a lime green beret. Sometimes you know you're in deepest France profonde.

You couldn't make it up :


Taste of France said...

I can see why Bob would want to roll in that grass!

Coppa's girl said...

Grass surfing - what fun - we're with Bob on that one, but we wouldn't be joining Sophie in her quest ! Funny, we though herring was fish - but there you go, you learn something new each day !

WFT Nobby said...

Must be near the end of the rugby season.
Bertie would have gone for the vole in the ditch.

Angus said...

Only another month to go before the final.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

I had a Bassett Hound that enjoyed wiggling on his back, down a slight incline of grass. When he reached the level ground, he would get up, go back to the top, and do it again! I don't know if this would qualify as grass surfing?