Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A seasoned eye.

Decidedly chilly this morning. The collar turned up on the coat as we head along the lane. Two months ago the view from the ridge was of fields of golden sunflowers. Now they're ploughed in. The first shoots of the grass sown last week already making their appearance. Has ever a year gone by so quickly ? Bob is in one of his 'there's something interesting in the ditch' moods so our musings on the state of the world are brief.

Sophie and her harness remain united. Perhaps not happily united but when it comes to itchy stitches united is good enough. 

Bob, ever serious, guards his flock from the sunny vantage point at the front door. The leaves from the plane trees now falling thick and fast. He watches them drift down with a seasoned eye.

French car manufacturers are prone to trying out 'innovative' solutions. This Citroen spotted in the supermarket car park has squishy black plastic panels ( rather like bubbly wrapping plastic )  along the sides to stop the doors being scratched. Red with black squishy plastic panels is a look that will appeal to some .... but not to others.

The French do unspeakable things to Italian food. In the supermarket ham and brie ravioli. Further down the aisle is the blue cheese, prawn, smoked salmon and onion pizza. We hurry by.

9:00 am today Sophie will be having her bandage changed. I thought she was having her stitches out but 'The Font' informs me that's not until next week when she also has her leg X-rayed. 

So starts an autumnal Tuesday in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Good luck to Sophie this morning - we hope all goes well and there's good news.
    Amused by the zip on the front of her soft collar - is that where she keeps her credit card and lipstick? It's hardly big enough for more than a couple of sausages !

  2. A week of healing is really good. That big heavy bandage is fantastic. Mum's dog didn't get that. We struggled from about day 3. But 6 months down the track, with a few anxious adventures along the way, he is back to normal. He's 9 years old and we orginally thought it might be a early old age but that ligament repair has changed his life and was well worth every penny. Lie, Sophie he is a gorgeous dog with a big personality.

  3. The ravioli are curious. The package is written in Italian. Do the Italians ship the stuff to France as a joke? Though I think ham and brie sounds rather nice.

  4. Hmm. The pizza sounds like an example of how to ruin ingredients which individually would probably be delicious...
    Hope the bandage changing passes off smoothly and relieves Sophie's itchiness.

  5. That blue collar gives Sophie an especially appealing look. Something tells me she'll be just as excited to see the doctor today as she was on the day of the surgery.
    Since you make no mention of the VW, one has to assume there's been no word from the dealer. Meanwhile your funds are in THEIR bank.

  6. Sophie seems resigned to wearing her collar. For Halloween , Shophie could wear her blue collar; The Font could wear furry fox; and you and Bob could find something equally as elegant!

  7. Sophie’s soft collar is appealing. I agree, it does give her the look of the plucky little dog in a lifeboat. Speaking personally, no, I don’t think a year has ever passed so quickly.

  8. It looks like you and Bob had a perfect fall morning to walk in. Bob may have been faking his interest in the ditch. He's probably tired of worring about what will happen if Donald Trump is elected president. I'd rather chase imaginary things in a ditch, too...

  9. At least, you can find new and interesting things in the shop. We can practically go through blindfolded. Nothing new.