Thursday, October 27, 2016

The first flight.

Angus is off to London to talk to men in dark suits. Rather than drive down to Toulouse at four in the morning for the first flight he opts to go to the airport after dinner and check into the airport hotel. The hotel proves to be rather like an upmarket version of Alcatraz. The windows don't open  and there's no view. The designer clearly had a thing for orange - bed spread, drapes and carpets all accessorized in this 'cheerful' colour.

Sophie is happy to lie in the courtyard savaging a Kong while she luxuriates in the warmth of a blanket.

Big brother chooses today, of all days, to have a stomach upset. This is put down to a dead gold finch that was found in a drainage ditch and proudly carried along on the morning walk . 'The Font' wasn't quick enough to retrieve it between uttering the words 'Bob put that down ' and him swallowing it.


  1. Bob hope your tummy upset settles down soon.
    Angus a picture is worth a thousand words...would have loved to see a photo of that "orangey" hotel suite.
    Madame Font thank you for taking today's photos and keeping the blog alive.

  2. Oh Bob, how could you - that's not the way to behave at all. You know that dead things might be tasty, but always have a comeback......
    Oh dear, all that orange - on a par with the furry dice dangling from the rear-view mirror !

  3. Oh boy. On both counts. Sophie however looks as happy as a clam.

  4. Things always happen at the most inconvenient times. It's a given.
    Quick, safe and uneventful trip, Angus.
    Sophie does look happy, doesn't she.

  5. I hope Bob feels better!! Sophie looks so cozy and warm, with our chilly temps, I'd be tempted to sit under the blanket with her!