Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maximum security.

Turn your back for a moment and Sophie will be off chasing something. This morning it was a small fluttery thing in a bay tree. I'd bent down to tie a loose shoe lace - my eyes distracted for three seconds at the most - and she'd leapt up and was racing across the grass after her prey. Thankfully, the little angel was apprehended before she could get too far . Sophie is a maximum security patient. 

On Tuesday she goes to the specialists to have her leg X-rayed and get a date for the second leg to be operated on. We're hoping for a date in early November.  This would mean we'd have a  largely ambulatory diva for Christmas

Big brother keeps a watchful eye on his sister from a sensible distance. His concern for her is palpable - which is interesting canine psychology. We think it unlikely that Sophie would display this level of devotion if it was her brother who was laid up.

At the moment she can sit out in the fresh air with a blanket draped over her shaved legs. There is a certain mournful Dickensian look to her sitting on the grass. Soon it's going to be too cold for her to be out for more than an hour in the afternoon.

A chocolate and banana cake in the window of the bakers. This is a combination that Angus finds less than appetizing.

Bob is steered through the market at high speed. The Chinese clothes seller glares at us. We don't want any repetition of the male PON christening the display of ladies jeans ...

... or the Moroccan mans display of woven baskets. We've never seen the Moroccan man sell a basket. The display always seems to remain the same. A de-threating  of his products with Eau de Bob wouldn't make them any more attractive.

So passes another of those days with a nightmare patient and her affable brother in deepest, deepest France profonde. 


  1. I'm with Bob - those jeans need a thorough peeing on!! Perhaps you could buy a pair and see how long they last - less time than a Furry Fox I'd bet! hope his Hot Spot has cleared up?

  2. I'm with you on the banana cake. However, the chocolate cakes look enticing. So does that green one. The red is a bit too red, though.

  3. Here in Texas about 75 miles west of Austin, we are still running the AC. If Sophie sat in the garden, she would need a cover to protect her shaved leg from a sunburn. Hopefully a chill will arrive over the weekend.
    Hope you recorded last night's debate.

  4. We are sure that if Bob were the patient and Sophie were the "support dog" that she would solely be focused on getting Bob's share of food!

  5. Agreed on the Chinese jeans (and that display is rather creepy), although the Moroccan baskets look interesting.
    The picture of Sophie, draped and Dickensian, calls out for a caption contest: "Please, sir, I want some more."

  6. Poor Sophie - a starved orphan if ever there was one ! Bob is such a reliable fellow, but we can't blame him for wanting to christen those jeans - they look awful. Not quite sure what purpose those Moroccan baskets serve either....

  7. Just have to laugh....'maximum security patient'....

  8. I don’t know whether we will ever come across this particular dog again but one thing’s for sure, she’s a super animal, and one that we’ll welcome back at any time.

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  9. Oh yes, Sophie is a character right out of Dickens.