Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Informs them of his presence.

You'd think Sophie might have begun to equate visits to the vets with pain but not a bit of it. When she sees the vet she turns on her back, waves her paws in the air and squeals with delight. She seems quite oblivious to the bandages coming off. She'll be back next week to have the stitches removed. The bandage changing and stitch removal are all part of the fixed fee negotiated with the hospital in Toulouse.

The wound is clean and the stitches look good. The vet assures us that the clinic in Toulouse is 'simply the best'. Back at home the diva is carried into the garden where she plays with a carrot filled Kong. She also liberates her brothers.

It's doubly important to spend time with uncomplaining Bob. Now that it's cooler I can load him in the back of the Volvo and head off. He's quite happy in the back of the car. If anyone gets too close he informs them of his presence.

The Volkswagen salesman is away for three days. The receptionist 'thinks' the Loonj will be ready on Friday for collection. I can't be too bothered. We have a replacement car until ours is ready. Rather more worrying is the dealers attitude to after sales service ie non-existent. 

At the greengrocers the Citron Caviar has almost all gone. The label says it comes from Australia but the handwritten special offer sign informs us that it comes from America. America, Australia. What's the difference to the average France profonde shopper ?

Feuille de Corosol from Ecuador and Jujubes from Spain. Angus finds going to the greengrocers is quite literally an education.

October 4th 2004. The day we arrived in France with two lively Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. Each succeeding generation of PONs seems to be more turbocharged than the last. A sign that the incomers and the out goers meet at the rainbow bridge to trade tips on generating maximum mischief ? Or, a sign that their owners get less turbocharged with each passing generation ? I'd like to think it's the former but fear it's the latter.

The chickens that belong to the man with anger management issues escape. The sun sets to the sight and sounds of the angry man, a variety of village tikes and the little lady in the purple hat trying to round them up as they click and cluck along the lane. 'The Font' observes that French villages are not always quiet.


This morning we come down to discover that Sophie has :

1) chewed through the thick 'indestructible' webbing that holds her collar in place and
2) removed the fresh bandages.The stitches seem ok.

A trip to the vets will be arranged. What are the chances of a dog doing that ?


  1. Oh dear Sophie! Her ability to 'problem solve' and 'overcome challenges' would be a great advantage in many areas of life, but here it is misapplied.
    Hope the vet comes up with a Sophie-proof bandage.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Dear Sophie. She is a planner is she not. The stitches were the job for tomorrow. She is obviously feeling better. Perhaps it is an excuse to see the Vet again.

  3. Sophie reminds me so much of a toddler, who, despite wearing a one-piece pajama that opens only in the back, manages to to get it off, and the diaper underneath, to be restored to natural nakedness.
    Why do adults impose indignities like clothes on toddlers and collars on dogs?
    What is citron caviar???

  4. Naughty girl, Sophie, she's just fed up with being immobile ! We have found that our dogs have always viewed "indestructible" as a challenge - and alas, one that they've usually easily over come.

  5. In Australia citron caviar is called finger lime. It's a native plant and hence is bush tucker and is quite delicious. I'm thinking a hard collar is the next option. Poor little Sophie but only until the stitches come off.

  6. Ha! I wondered how long it would take Miss Sophie to defeat the bandages! Sophie-Proof bandages ... not likely!!

  7. That last sentence should read: What are the chances of Sophie's doing that? Excellent, actually. Trust you took that into consideration when negotiating the fee package.

  8. Sophie spent all night thinking up ways....

  9. Time for the cone of shame.
    Bonnie is good with it, Kenzie is terrified with it on.

  10. she is incorrigible! adorably incorrigible! LOL
    I have ever felt that same way about my own stitches!

  11. I see the donut collar returning for nighttime.
    Happy to see she's doing so well. Following her surgery, Apple's affection for the vet - never massive - vanished entirely.

  12. What are the chances of Sophie doing something she decides to do? 100%.

  13. Turbocharged or not...owners or PONs... the marriage between the two seems perfect! Happy to see that Sophie's surgery is healing nicely. She just had to inspect for herself in chewing the bandages!!! We are in hurry cane anticipation mode here in South Florida. Hoping that our weatherdog, Jake, at the Rainbow Bridge is doing his best to keep as many folks safe as possible. But poor Haiti seems to be the Job of the globe, having suffered another catastrophe named Matthew. xxxxx

    1. We are thinking of you all on the coast. Stay safe.

  14. Will these Vets ever learn who they are dealing with? Sophie could get body armor off if she wanted to! Maybe carrots in Kong toys should be given to her over night?

  15. Glad Sophie has 'forgiven' the Vet staff.

  16. Sophie chewing the dressing understandable. The wound is healing and it's itchy. Poor girl. If it's anything like humans, it's a nasty, prickly, relentless itch. The vet will be challenged to apply a dressing that is Sophie-proof!