Sunday, October 9, 2016

" Ce que nos pères chantaient".

Sophie continues to bear her affliction stoically. She and 'The Font' sit in the garden having breakfast. With her rear quarters shaved to the skin she is covered with a blanket for warmth. Bob and Angus spend their morning closing the pool and putting the garden furniture in the garage for the winter. The solar powered pool cover works. It may close at the speed of an asthmatic ant but it does close. This is a small miracle after six months of it not being used.

Two new e-book volumes of our journey through Europe with PONs arrive. 

The photo on the back of volume 1 shows the installation of the new cooker hood in the upstairs kitchen.  Not the most exciting of pictures. Seems there is more to e-book publishing than simply sending in the blog link.

Chillier today. The fields slowly turning from freshly ploughed brown to freshly sown green.

The VW dealership phones to say the dog car is finally ready. The missing part has arrived from the factory and the body shop has repaired the dent where the branch fell on it. Its owners are undecided as to whether they like the colour.

No doubting it's a 'Loonj'. A plate on the inside of the front door says so. The psychology behind this peculiar nomenclature continues to elude us.

This unusual, highly political and little performed opera is coming to Berlin.
If Sophie is fully recovered we'll try and get away for a night to hear it. If not we won't.

Deeply unfashionable today ( the call for love stories set against the backdrop of a massacre being somewhat diminished ) there was a time when the composer was better known than Wagner. The very few modern productions tend to have a decidedly 'political' feel. As the final scene from the most recent production shows this can either work well, or not.


Kittypup said...

Sophie looks and sounds a little more settled - lovely
A 'Broon Loonj' - super!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Modern politics seems to be an opera at times.....oh, change that to soap opera.

Coppa's girl said...

The "loonj" may not the most exciting colour, Angus, but at least it won't show the dirt !
What would you do without the faithful Bob to give you a hand?

Swan said...

Poor Sophie..I hope she's fully recovered soon. If you were to ever publish a book about Bob and Sophie, I'd buy it. I love reading and re reading about them, and the cast of "characters " in your village.

Kari said...

Looks like a good colour choice for a dog car. Won't show dirt or mud. Very practical.
Sophie's recovery seems to be progressing nicely. Fingers crossed the second surgery goes as well.
As always. She's in our prayers.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Did you hold your breath the entire time the pool cover was engaged?

Our first Honda Accord had a color very similar, with the trendy name, "cappuccino brown." I liked it, and I like the car too -- I wish you many safe miles in it!

I hope Sophie continues to mend well, and you and 'the Font' get to go to the Opera. Caregivers of any kind need a break. I've no doubt it would be a lovely evening.