Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Almost none.

Out for an early morning walk with Bob down by the river. Rain is forecast but it turns out to be one of those mild but cloudy days.

We see a fisherman by the bridge. Bob is keen to say hello but I  hurry him past.

'The Font' heads back to London for the day. Sophie suddenly realizes , to her horror, that she may have to have dinner cooked by Angus.

In the greengrocers the new seasons apples arrive. All are grown in France. Granny Smiths a big favourite here.

The Citron Caviar down to four impossible to shift pots.

Bob sits on his stump seat. He's much better today. Almost no biting of his fur. The Adaptil collar and the anti-histamines doing what they're supposed to do. Now, if only he could get back to savaging his sister all would be well.


  1. Good to know that things are fast returning to normal for Bob. Never mind who the chef is, Sophie, at least you'll get your dinner - even if it isn't quite up to 'The Font's' Cordon Bleu standard.
    Granny Smith apples - my favourite, and the French variety are especially tasty.

  2. Don't you post the day's menu, the way the schools do?

  3. Do you have Honeycrisp apples there? They have become the favorite in the states I read. Since they aren't producing enough volume for demand they are higher priced but I get them on mark-down. Other than that we like Braeburn - do you have those there? I know apples have many many varieties and some only local to certain areas.

  4. Looks like a great day at the ROF! Both Bob and Sophie are feeling better and they look like they have had their "bangs" trimmed? Adorable!

    Pam in NH

  5. Lovely pictures. I highly recommend the Honeycrisp apples, too if they are available to you.

  6. Honeycrisps are a wonderful variety of apple. This time of year, you may be able to find Honeycrisp cider or juice which is heavenly.
    So glad to hear things have returned to almost normal so quickly for Bob. Hate to see the poor fellow in anything but tip top form.

  7. I'm surprised Merida wasn't sitting on the salmon instead of the monitor. Lol

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