Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sleeping in.

The petanquistes dinner dance was a lively affair. A hundred or so diners crammed into the Village Hall for Foie Gras, Toulouse sausage and ice cream. The teenage garagiste and three of his mates provided live music. What the teenagers lacked in skill they compensated for in enthusiasm. The music finished at five. Angus drifted in and out of sleep as the arrhythmic bass beat drifted across the village green to The Rickety Old Farmhouse.

Bob woke as the last revellers departed. The slamming of car doors, revving of engines and beeping of horns told him there was something going on. He kindly alerted us to this fact by emitting a PON howl.

The finals of the petanque competition are due to be held this ( Sunday ) afternoon. Heaven alone knows what state the petanque players will be in.

Here in The Rickety Old Farmhouse sleeping in after being kept awake all night is an unknown concept. The PONs are up and about at first light. So are their owners. Sophie continues to be full of energy and ready to run a marathon.


  1. Sophie looks quite elegant with that shawl. However, I suspect she is wondering, not a little irritatedly, what the cage is about.

  2. A Goldie will go back to sleep if you let her get onto the bed with you..... mind you, she then won't get off again until she's good and ready!

  3. A good night’s sleep seems to elude the occupants of the Rickety Old Farmhouse for one reason or another. Will the festivities continue this evening?

  4. Sunday is just a normal day here too, and we are woken by cold nose rubs any time after 5:30 a.m.! We're wondering how to explain that extra hour lie-in, when the clocks go back at the end of the month.
    Don't worry Sophie, it won't be too long before you can savage that oaf of a brother again, but before you do, just remember that he's been such a loving little fellow.

  5. A couple of people have suggested that knitted pantaloons would be just the thing to keep Sophie's nether regions toasty warm.
    Seek and ye shall find on Google. Who knew?

  6. Is there no sleep to be had at your house? Sophie's recovery period, the petanquistes. Is it too early for theChristmas star?

    Sophie looks positively delightful. Good to see her looking happy again.

    is it too early for the Christmas Star?