Friday, October 28, 2016

The eagle owl look alike.

The flight delayed for two hours due to fog. Just time to go to the Japanese shop on Piccadilly for some white Peach Mochis. Angus thinks they taste like soap. However,  'The Font' loves them.

The security apparatchiks at the American Embassy view the white peach Mochis with suspicion. They are swabbed for signs of bio-hazards. While waiting for the results Angus thinks of making light hearted banter about the ludicrousness of a world in which Japanese candy is spectrum analyzed. The presence of two large and unsmiling Marines by the entrance dissuades him.

London at the end of October cloudy but mild.

No sign of Brexit slowing down the economy. This is hardly surprising as it hasn't happened yet.  Hotel occupancy rates high thanks to the 20% fall in the value of Sterling. Throngs of Germans enjoying the half term holidays and the cheap shopping.

Sophie is overjoyed at my return.

There is an emotional reunion. Emotional = noisy.

Bob needs to have more time spent on his grooming. He's beginning to look like one of the Eagle owls that line the branches of the plane trees along the lane. Haircut time tomorrow ?


  1. Good call on when and where to deploy the light hearted banter.

  2. Unusual for Bob to have a bad hair day, it's normally his sister with that problem.
    What is the world coming to when Japanese candy needs to be spectrum analysed !

  3. When I read that U.K. economy grew faster than expected in the past quarter, I wondered whether the Brexiters would crow that the vote was the right thing.
    It's best to visit embassies empty-handed.

  4. He looks serious, yet perturbed.
    Or maybe seriously perturbed.
    Cute, whatever his intention.
    Did Sophie receive Edward's biscuits?

    1. Biscuits happily received and much appreciated. Messages returned by AOL. Address unknown. Do you have a new e-mail ?

    2. No, same one. I emailed you back. We'll see what happens. I've had similar issues with your email as well, "address unknown." More proof we should all go back to calligraphy and stamps. xx

  5. Such great pictures, what a cute looking pup! The last picture is too funny!

  6. I'd forgotten what an ugly thing that embassy building is. Agreed with Bouncing Bertie on avoidance of light-hearted banter -- those fellows are super-serious.
    Hope 'The Font' enjoyed the X-rayed treats.
    Now I have to go look up "eagle owl".

  7. With peach mochis in tow, we think the whole family was overjoyed at your return.

  8. Mr. Bob looks like he had a rough night. (Of course he did! Part of his flock went missing again)
    I agree ... a trim might be in order.

  9. I especially like the London streetlight pictures.

  10. The husband of a friend of mine often travels to Paris on business and will stop for macaroons from a favorite shop. He hand carries them home to my friend and admits he has often thought of saying something about them when they are inspected, but like you, feels that some things are best kept to yourself -- Except macaroons and peach mochis.

    Charlie and Bob could both use haircuts I think!