Thursday, October 13, 2016

Much improved.

Colder weather. The air crystal clear. Bob and his master sit on the storm drain and watch the sun rise. Back in The Rickety Old Farmhouse Sophie is having her breakfast prepared. After a bowl of kibbles and rice her outlook on life is much improved. 

Sophie's leg can now bear weight. This makes life so much easier. I wish we could get the second one over and done with. The difficulty is now preventing her from chasing after her brother or haring after deer. 

Bob takes up his position on the stump seat and monitors the passing traffic. Two tractors and the post van merit a bark. Not the busiest of days.

Much activity in the early evening. The workmen come to remove the marble lid to The Very Old Farmers tomb in readiness for the internment. A small crane is manoeuvred into the churchyard. Another group of workmen come to deliver an enormous pile of pea grit for the weekends petanque tournament. Bob is taken across the lane to observe what's going on.

Hope you can access this NYT article on dogs :


  1. Such good news that Sophie can walk on her own. Maybe remaining in her recovery area out side will foil her thoughts of chasing critters. Bob's picture is of a very wise and knowing soul. The first and last pictures are mesmerizingly beautiful.

  2. The article is about the same person interviewed in the Fresh Air podcast. I left you a link a few days ago. She must be doing the book promotion rounds.
    In our village, when someone dies, the village carpenter drops everything to make a coffin. Very simple, but made to order. Very different from the incredibly expensive metal/gilded things in the U.S. The deceased is laid out at home, and the coffin is carried on foot to the church, then to the cemetery, stopping traffic on the busy departementale. Which seems appropriate.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that the leg is working well.

  4. Good to hear that Sophie is up and about and much improved. It's amazing how quickly she has been able to bear weight on her leg, even though she will still have to take things easy for a while.
    The wonderful Bob keeping a stern eye on things and making sure all is well at the ROF.

  5. I heard the program on NPR Fresh Air too. Fascinating program. the guest explains how dogs sense time of day and approaching storms by scent. Ms. Horowitz has a book out called Being a Dog which is about a dog's wonderful ability to smell.
    Although I am a cat lady, I think I'll put this book on my list.
    You must be very strict with Sophie and her activity level at this point in her recovery. It may be very hard but it is absolutely necessary. Still keeping her in our prayers.

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  7. Still not convinced that smells aren't bad. Will stick with the limited human variety.