Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tripe for breakfast.

The day Sophie's stitches come out. She's got an appointment at 8:20 this morning. This is forty minutes before the surgery officially opens. The vets think it may be 'calmer' for all involved if she's there before the crowds arrive.

After breakfast the family diva is positioned outside. A blanket over her shaved haunches. A chance to get some fresh air before seeing the vet. Sophie has the look of a dog who knows something is about to happen.

'The Font' heads off with Sophie in one car while Bob and Angus set off in the other for the little market town. This morning the tripe man has set up a stall outside the tabac and is stirring a large bowl of steaming offal. The smell of garlic fills the air. A lady and her husband watch intently. Can they possibly be thinking of having a portion of tripe for breakfast ? There is no doubting that Bob would have tripe for breakfast. He wears his angelic '' I is a sad orphan dog what has never been fed " look. He is 'hurried' along. At the bakers he gets some crumbly slivers of pastry. For Bob at least it's turning out to be the best day ever.

This is clever :  https://twitter.com/colinjones/status/785598293808181248


  1. Good luck to Sophie! You'll update us?
    I used to have a T shirt that said "Menudo Breakfast of Champions." Menudo is a Mexican tripe soup. I had no idea what it was when I first had it, and loved it.
    More than the tripe is the idea of garlic for breakfast.

  2. Well, by now, Sophie should have had (or be having) those wretched stitches out. We hope all goes well for her - what a relief for you all.
    Poor Bob, aren't all dogs the same when there's food about? They are all "poor orphan dogs what has never been fed" ! Our Labs constantly wear that martyred look, but it just doesn't go with their well fed appearance !

  3. Thanks for that video clip. I've already watched it three times. Direct from the Cost Centres? One of the commenters posted a link to the longer version, but it didn't work for me. If there is a third debate, it'll be difficult to get this clip out of my mind while I'm watching it.
    Thinking of Sophie...but not of tripe for breakfast.

  4. I can't think of anything better than tripe for breakfast.
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie (who will be in Holland for breakfast tomorrow morning).

    1. Bertie - Just in case anyone forgets the Dutch for brekfaast is Ontbijt.

  5. Our girl, Sophie, and her loving care givers, have reached the day we all have awaited! Congratulations and Bless you !!!

  6. All the best to you today, dear Sophie.

  7. Thinking of you dealing with the Diva today Madame Font. Angus, get a bottle of bubbly ready!
    Cheering you on from NH Pam

  8. Forlorn is the word that comes to mind in the first photo. The dogs had tripe once....they looked at it and walked away.

  9. I'll take what the bakery is offering for any meal!

    A milestone day for Sophie, as Donald Trump lives to campaign yet another day!