Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blissfully unaware.

The weather continues to be exceedingly well mannered. Warm and bright. This enables Sophie to spend twelve hours outside every day. Not a substitute for being able to run around but at least lots of healthy fresh air and an environment where she can monitor all that's going on.

Big brother has:
1) Started to sleep at the top of the stairs. A point mid distance between his sister in her pen by the front door and his 'flock'.

2) Bob's also developed hot spots. There's been no change in his diet so we think these must be stress related. He certainly is at a loss in dealing with his sisters inability to play. If the scratching and tail biting continues we'll take him to the vets.

He's getting lots of long walks ...

... and is always to be found close by Sophie.

The swaying Jesus continues to attract a small but enthusiastic coterie of visitors. Unfortunately the swaying only occurs when the wind is gusting at speeds in excess of 60 km/h. Calm quiet days just don't cut it.

Sophie doesn't complain but she's at that stage where the stitches can't come out too soon. The poor thing doesn't ( thankfully ) know she's got a second round of leg surgery coming up.

A record of those little things too small to be recorded in a diary but too important to go completely unobserved.


  1. One of the definite advantages of being a dog - they don't know what's wrong, only that something is, and trust us to put things right. It's we adoring humans who have the worry that all will be well.
    Sophie's nose and tongue are truly impressive ! What a wonderful brother Bob is.

  2. Perhaps it's autumn mites that are attacking Bob. Sophie would be immune because of her restricted area.
    Here in mid-Texas we get them in the Spring, and they drive dogs and humans alike nearly crazy with the intense itching from the bites.

  3. Hi Angus, sorry to hear about Bob's hot spots.
    Brownie had a huge one under his neck which I cured with home remedies.
    See my blog post.
    Hope he feels better soon, since these annoying hot spots are quite itchy and make our poor babies miserable.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the tips. We'll follow your advice ,

    2. Hi. Thanks for the tips. We'll follow your advice ,

  4. Bob carries a lot of weight on his brave little shoulders. I hope he soon feels much better.

  5. Bob is the silent Hero, who remains calm, when all is not yet known.

  6. At least you seem to have enough collars to keep Bob from licking.

  7. Had to chuckle at Sophie's costume changes in your previous posts - She wears the all so well. Or not well depending on how you look at it. But the harness is truly fashion forward!

    I hope Bob feels better. We go through times where our crew have random hot spots too. Moisture trapped under thick coats usually is our culprit.