Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Onto the village green.

Bob is told in no uncertain terms that he cannot have Sophie's carrot.

'The Font' drives the family diva to the clinic. The second operation is delayed for three weeks and rescheduled for November 22nd. No problems but after seeing the X-rays the specialist would be happier to have the bone set a little more. '' She's the type who's prone to jumping " he says - perhaps stating the obvious. There is a worry she might put all her weight on the new joint. The surgeon who did the first operation will be attending to her. Two months, it seems, is the more prudent gap between operations. For the first time Sophie cried a little in the waiting room.

In the late afternoon a  'welcome home' walk onto the village green.


  1. Poor dear Sophie. It is a long road to recovery.
    But is she aware that some poodle owners actually pay to have a hair cut similar to her operated-on leg…?

  2. Bob told he can't have Sophie's carrot ? Isn't it usually the other way around?
    Look on the bright side Sophie, you'll have to learn patience the hard way, through personal experience. We're always told it's character forming !!

  3. Oh poor girl! But it would be just ghastly for her to undo all the work of the last two (long) months. Best wishes to you all. And NO, Bob, you may not steal her carrots!

  4. Sophie my dear Diva friend this too shall pass.
    They say patience is a virtue and everything happens for a reason and it's true.
    When it's all over you'll soon be jumping and careening all over the place and not even Bob or Mum or Dad will be able catch you....
    Until then continue to get well and dream of the time when once again you'll be the devil may care, party over here, wind blowing through your hair Diva chick that you are.
    Hang in there sweet girl.
    Lots of love and hugs and kisses from Brownie and me.

  5. I have prayed the vets would learn who Sophie is, and what she is capable of. It seems they now have an understanding of their patient, which allows them to make the best decisions for her recovery. While extending everything is disappointing to all of us, it is best for the end result of these surgical procedures. This is not just about Sophie, and for family and caregivers we extend admiration, and love.

  6. I think it was a very wise decision regarding Sophie's pending surgery. Operating too quickly can jeopardize the outcome of the previous surgery. Sophie doesnt need a re-do of her first procedure as her third operation. A wise surgeon knows her patients. The above poster put it beautifully.
    A lot of us can now rest more comfortably, I believe.

  7. Having a date confirmed is good; the uncertainty is always difficult (for me).
    Right now trying to administer oral medication to our cat Thomasin is a nightmare. He fights as if his life depended upon it. Pets can't recover too quickly.

  8. Sorry to hear of another delay but it sounds like a wise decision. Sigh...hang in there Soph. I bet the Village Green walk helped to show her there is light at the end of this tiring episode. xo

  9. It's understandable about the delay, but I know disappointing nonetheless. I wonder who will get to the finish line first in their recovery, Sophie or Max? Like our election, at the moment, it may be too close to call!