Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sounding sirens.

After breakfast ( devoured with gusto) the invalid is slowly walked from the kitchen into the garden. Draped in a warm woollen blanket she can monitor the comings and goings along the lane.

Big brother seems quite happy to spend his morning guarding her.

The display of pumpkins at the greengrocers becomes ever more festive. Grey ones join the more usual yellow and orange.

Persimons arrive. The French word for Persimon is 'Kaki'. One of those rare instances when the English is so much more attractive than the French.

Bob continues to be on a four walk a day routine. This good for him and his owners. The stress related itching has died away.

For the last five days the police have been on strike. They block the streets in the centre of Toulouse and sound the sirens on their patrol cars at midnight. The French seem to take a Police strike in their stride. What the local residents think about a hundred police cars sounding their sirens goes unreported on the morning news.

Having ignored her wound for the last three and a half weeks Sophie has now decided to start nibbling at it.

The chickens belonging to the man with anger management issues get out again. They scatter across the village green clucking merrily away. The angry man waves his arms and shouts. The chickens seem remarkably oblivious to his hyperactivity. Bob watches from his vantage point on the stump seat by the front gate.


  1. That's interesting - the Japanese word for persimmon is also "kaki". I wonder who is borrowing from whom?

  2. Sophie is the most regal looking of invalids.

  3. Poor Sophie, if she is worrying at her stitches, does that mean the new collar doesn't work? Is there a solution to that? By the way, do you people eat persimmon when they are crunchy, or wait until they are gooey and falling apart? There are two schools of thought over which is better in this family!

  4. The nibbling must be good. It's itching as it heals.

  5. It's Kaki here in Spain too, not an attractive name at all !
    Poor Sophie, but don't worry, things can only get better. She certainly looks very cosseted, but rather fed up !

  6. Only the French have chic grey pumpkins! Never saw them in that shade before.. Please give Sophie a hug from me.. I hope she's back to her old self soon.

  7. Perhaps the chickens learned of the police strike and decided to make a bid for freedom.
    The grey pumpkins don't immediately appeal to me; the persimmons, yes.
    Looking at Sophie, my husband said,"She's terribly cute."

  8. Max has rounds where he was nibbling at his knee as well. I am probably totally off base, but I wondered if it had to do internal swelling or the cold on the plate?

  9. I do not have a plate, but I do have the screws in my SI joint like Max and Sophie. When I have inflammation in that area, my skin is warmer to the touch than an inch around the area. Also when it is cold outside, I can feel pain where the screws are. Don't know if this helps.