Monday, October 3, 2016

Nearly a week.

The bandages are becoming itchy. Only a day to go before they get changed. At bed time Sophie wears her soft collar. This gives her the look of a character in a Titanic movie. 

She, surprisingly, is quite unconcerned about the collar. During the day she is supervised and collarless.

Bob remains the perfect dog. In fact it would be easy to forget him. The family boy gets taken for extra walks. This morning, as I'm sitting with my legs dangling over the storm drain chatting to Bob, the young garagiste on his motorbike stops to ask 'what's happened to your other dog ?'. Never assume people don't notice.

The leaves on the trees starting to turn. This Monday morning decidedly fresh. Angus wears a jacket for the pre-sunrise walk with Bob.

Bob and Angus go to the market for some Canneloni for lunch. Bob is given a sliver of Pecorino. This pleases him no end.

Nearly a weeks gone by since the first operation. Thank you for the advice on :
1) Having a harness with two handles so that Sophie can be lifted in and out of her pen. This prevents her owners from putting their backs out and is much easier for her.
2) Sophie's routine has been our biggest worry. Patience and the right smells in the peony border have brought the 'blessed relief ' that had us so concerned.
3) The incontinence blankets were only needed once but are a great insurance policy.
4) Now, if only we could grow eyes in the back of our head to monitor a patient who is keen to walk and run.


  1. Sounds like a routine is slowly being settled into. Great stuff!
    A double handled harness, we didn't know these existed. Back savers indeed and we're off to buy one too.
    Wishing you all a calm start to the new week.

    1. Kim at Golden Pines pointed us to this - which has proven to be brilliant and much better than the single nadled harness we'd originally ordered :

  2. She is a very clever girl and seems to have resolved herself to her confinement. Although I'm sure she will test the boundaries a bit more each day! Bob is a star; what sensitive soul.

  3. No doubt tomorrow the diva will be telling the vet that she's had enough of this idleness, and will they please remove the bandage so that she can get on with her life. After all she has a little brother to savage !

  4. Recovering mobility will be the next challenge.
    All the best! Gail.

  5. The blue collar is much more chic than a white cone! Sophie must be relieved about that.
    Itching is just the worst. There was a New Yorker piece a few years ago about someone who scratched all the way to his brain. And an NYT piece this weekend on a new eczema cure notes that people have committed suicide for itching so badly.
    I hope the bandage change will show Sophie healing quickly.

  6. For point 4... hi tech solution use wireless CCTV cameras set up to be viewed on your and the Font's cell phones. Low tech attach the bell from a cat collar to Sophie's dog collar and you will know when she is moving around!

  7. She looks chic in her blue collar. Sure beats the plastic cones . I'm so glad she's doing so well.

  8. Yes, #4 is definitely one we have to figure out, Angus! Good news for the harness, glad it works for you! Also good to read that the "lifesaver" collar is working for Sophie, I returned the one I got for Max, he's just too limber and was able to maneuver around it. (Kim)

  9. As Sophie is a princess, Bob is certainly a prince of a dog.

    I like the simple kindness that the young garagiste showed in stopping to ask about Sophie.

  10. Sophie and Bob look so peaceful in these pictures.
    They are such beautiful fur babies.
    It will be so great to see them play together again.
    Still praying for all of you.

  11. Sophie looks rather fetching in her blue collar.

    It's amazing the number of people who ask where a 'missing' dog is.

  12. I, too, was thinking that Sophie's blue collar has a certain chic ambiance. She may start a new canine trend.
    The baby monitor linked to cell phones sound like a good idea.

  13. What awesome PONs they both are. With fabulous caring parents and nice caring neighbors. All sounds as well as can be expected. Sophie looks well and Bob still looks perplexed a bit. Virtual hugs and blessings to you all. xo