Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A conversation opener.

Sophie chases a fox into a thorn thicket. The fox disappears unscathed. Sophie manages to get herself entangled. Completely entangled. Angus has to untangle her. She emerges with thorns and twigs embedded in her skin. The family diva makes it plain that she should not be in the care of a family that lets such things happen to her. Anyone in the village who thought they would sleep late is going to be disappointed. Sophie it must be said is not a 'quiet' dog.

While Sophie and 'The Font' head to the vets for some antiseptic skin wash , Bob and his master watch a family of hares bound down the freshly ploughed field towards the trees in the valley. A change coming in the weather. In the direction of Bordeaux and the Atlantic a bank of clouds stretching across the horizon. 

Sophie returns home. Surprisingly, she has been a perfect patient.

Spanish week in the supermarket.

To make sure we know its Spanish week they've set out not just one bull...

.... but two . 

An out of proportion matador is thrown in for good measure. On television matadors wear sparkly heavily sequined outfits. This is a budget version in black and white. On closer inspection the matador turns out to be the supermarkets all purpose mannequin. It is bare footed .

A sign the year is moving onwards. Easter eggs now 50% off.

In the wine section '666 - Secret of the Devils ' makes a jarring appearance . A bottle of Devils Secrets at the dinner table would be a conversation opener .... or stopper.

What a stylish hotel for such a remote location : http://fogoislandinn.ca/


  1. Look Sophie my dear, you need to leave all that rushing into thorny thickets after foxes to chaps like me who have a coarse wiry coat designed for these purposes.
    You have a flock to protect, after all.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Just so the vignerons don't come and smash the bottles of Spanish wine.....

  3. Amazing to me that Fogo has a population of 2400 souls. Definitely a place to 'get away from it all.'

    1. Apparently every guest spends half a day with a Fogo resident.

  4. Dear Sophie! She plows ahead with little regard for the outcome.
    Your market displays are fascinating, if sometimes puzzling.
    The products in our supermarkets are presented with no pretense of imagination or theme.

    1. Guess you could say the local supermarket 'tries' to bring some excitement to the mundane art of shopping.

  5. Perhaps the Supermarket decorator has been imbibing the 666.

  6. Well, you can't complain that the supermarket doesn't bring a little international glamour into your lives ! The sausages look the same as those we buy here, but I don't recognise anything else. We sometimes have Greek, French, Italian or English themed weeks, but that's usually at Lidl.
    Sophie - a girl who'll bravely go where no girl has gone before - and has the scratches to prove it ! What beautiful scenery - so glad that you and Bob had time to enjoy it.

  7. I hope that was the end of the excitement for Sophie today!

    You almost have to try the wine, who knows, it could be "heavenly!"