Friday, April 7, 2017

Lost for something to say.

No tree surgeon today. He's finished everything he's supposed to do. Instead it's the turn of the lawn mower repair man to show up. He hands over the lawn tractor and a bill for E173. I ask why it's not covered by warranty. '' Because you've had it for two and a half years " he replies. Angus can't really think of anything to say in reply. How time flies.

Crossing the village green we stop to chat to the mayor. The Very Old Farmers house has been sold. A Polish builder has bought it and intends to renovate the property as accommodation for his workers. The mayor has given him approval to install inside lavatories and a septic tank. It seems the Polish builder has been working in the UK for the last ten years but has decided to open up an operation in France in case Brexit and work permits prove to be a problem. Quite what the charmingly inefficient local tradesmen will think about a) competition b) competition that undercuts them and c) competition that will show up on the day and at the time agreed - remains to be seen. Angus can't help but think that revolutions in France have been caused by less.

Bob and his master wander down the ox track to the little waterfall. Bob walks off his lead for the first part of the journey but as we get close to the stream he's tethered up. The ducks are nesting in the reed beds and I don't want them surprised by the enthusiastic and unstealthy hunting antics of a male PON. Not that I need worry about the nesting ducks. Bob is completely engrossed in trying to catch minnows. He peers into the water, raises his paw and brings it down with a splash. You'd think after a dozen or so attempts he might get discouraged or bored. Not a bit of it. I think of explaining refraction to him but decide against it.

He's eventually encouraged, firmly, home.

In the evening 'The Font' listens to French Radio. A teenager is interviewed and comes out with the startling observation : ' I only watch television when I go to my Grans. Mind you she's really old. She's in her fifties '. 

This dog has learnt not to chase ducks :


  1. One wonders if the charmingly inefficient local tradesmen will immediately go on strike in the face of such competition. That seems to be the way they normally do things in France ! I read a comment recently that Britain would have a similar problem if all the Polish workers left.
    For a moment I wondered if that was Bob or Sophie in the video..... Lovely photo of them sitting enjoying the sun.

    1. Without Polish builders, Spanish hotel staff and Slovenian waiters Britain would be an altogether less efficient place.

  2. How very interesting about the Polish builders. And Angus, don't forget the hardworking East European care workers, much in evidence in my dealings with elderly parents in recent years. My mother is already concerned that the lovely Barbora from the Czech Republic will not continue at Westcliffe Care Home.
    PS The wisteria always looks so lovely against the stone walls of the ROF.

  3. I have to chuckle at Bob - I wonder what he'd do in a good trout stream?

    For whatever reason, the tweet reminded me of this video, the pup could have used this strategy. The video has been around for awhile, so you may have seen it.

  4. Did you ever see the movie from quite a while ago now, with Jeremy Irons as the Polish foreman of a team of Polish workers living in dreadful conditions while renovating a house in London? It was fascinating.

  5. Just googled the movie, it is called Moonlighting from 1982. The house looks lovely with the wisteria blooming. Actually it always looks lovely. Cheers.

  6. Maybe Bob doesn't want to catch the fish, just wants to let them know he is there!

  7. PONs, Peonies, wisteria....happy spring! Lovely pictures. :-)