Saturday, April 29, 2017

World's Best

'The Font' heads off to Spain for the night to deal with Spanish bureaucracy and the aged relatives final paperwork. Angus discovers American Mac and Cheese in the supermarket.

A careful reading of the package shows that it's manufactured in a facility that processes dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, crustacea, fish and nuts. Quite how this ties in with it being 'handmade' is for more discerning shoppers to determine.

Angus isn't sure that it meets the 'World's Best ' test but Bob and Sophie seem happy enough with the spoonful that's added to their kibbles.

Some garden furniture arrives.

From a vantage point on their grooming table Bob and Sophie carefully monitor the arrival of the truck, the unloading of the boxes and the unpacking of the furniture. Both PONs decide that empty cardboard boxes are wonderful to hide in. Sophie is so delighted she emits high pitched squeaking noises. 

There is bubble wrap to pop. What a glorious start to a day.

Last night there was an election meeting in the village hall. A tall and excitable gentleman in a black suit comes to tell the villagers why his candidate will restore the honour of France. Twenty or so people show up. The turnout isn't so much a sign of political fervour as a reflection of the fact that apart from 'Chicago Fire' it's a quiet night on television.  All goes well until the visitor launches into an attack on '' Les Anglais installes dans la campagne francaise qui sans payer les impots en France profitent des largesses et de la qualite de notre systeme de sante ". Angus feels like pointing out that as a foreigner he is required to have health insurance and pays enough tax to keep a French frigate afloat for a year but decides to keep quiet. 

So starts a quiet weekend in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. More garden furniture, more PON vantage points?

  2. Glad to see your PONs enjoyed some of the 2-4 serves of the American Mac & cheese.

    I get the impression "manufactured in a facility that may..." labels on so many products these days are more about avoiding liability than reality. Many restaurant menus here now have similar warnings!

  3. Well done on keeping quiet...I'm not sure I would have been able to do so, paying 26% of my total earnings (no claiming back expenses) as Auto Entrepreneur. Still, having said that, I didn't go out to talk to the Le Penn campaign people a couple of weeks back. So maybe I'd've kept quiet like you. Who knows?

  4. Bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, what a great day. They sell that Macaroni and Cheese in California, wasn't impressed with it..

  5. Boxes aanndd bubble wrap! It is a glorious beginning to their day! I watched the stealth puppy video again. I do believe the puppy has learned how to do the Tango! The ball is a substitute for a long stemmed rose.

  6. Big cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and a spoonful of Mac n Cheese, almost another best day ever?
    The first few days after we had one of our rescue dogs, he had to be persuaded out of a large cardboard box (the new garden table came in it) at meal times and at bedtime. He'd lived rough on the streets before we had him, and a box had obviously been his refuge. He seemed heartbroken when it was thrown away, even though he had a nice new bed and a cosy place to sleep in.

  7. The dogs here love anything with cheese!