Friday, April 28, 2017

A rattling start.

Bobs new toy has been liberated and thoroughly de-stuffed. He turned his back on it over breakfast and next thing he knew it had gone.

It doesn't take inspector Clouseau to work out who was responsible. Sophie does her best to look innocent.  I explain that seasoned criminals usually move quickly away from the scene of a crime. She appears unimpressed.

Cooler weather brings out the pilgrims. Bob rises to the challenge and takes up his position on the stump seat to monitor the passers by. Bob could spend all day on the stump seat. Some pilgrims warrant a 'woof', some a double 'woof' but most are greeted in silence. Very occasionally he will see a pilgrim that makes him want to get down from his perch and run from one end of the garden to the other and then back again. 

The pilgrims wave and laugh and chat to him.

Sophie patrols the garden in search of mid-morning snacks. She disappears for lengthy forays into distant corners of the orchard. Her nose continues to sport a world class lustre.

This mornings clouds make a welcome appearance. On the other side of the lane The Old Farmer is out and about on his lawn tractor. The Belgian lady is there to keep an eye on him. The horrid little tike slopes off to school rattling a stick against the bars on the gate. He also whistles. How the PONs love a whistling, stick rattling start to their day. There is no such thing as silence in a PON household.

This is how you do stealth :


  1. The puppy video has me chuckling.
    I think the reason I love your blog is that it reminds me of when my kid was little, and life was full of adorable adventures. Dogs are like eternal children.

  2. Sophie could take lessons in stealth from that pup. Her lustrous nose must be the result of all her unauthorised snacking. Poor Bob, you would think he'd have learned not to turn his back on Sophie, now she's back up to speed !

  3. Dear Bob when will you learn never to leave a new toy unattended. Such a lovely boy and such a naughty sister.
    Great to hear the OF is up and about. What a relief he must feel being at home.

  4. I love Bob's little pilgrim watching stool.

  5. We just made a move to an area that had no internet. It took a week to get someone out to install it. The only thing I missed during that time was your blog. Thank you.

    1. Welcome back! Did your horses handle the move OK?

  6. Poor Bob. Poor furry whatever-it-was. He looks so pensive in that third picture.
    It's nice to know that the Old Farmer is ambulatory again. He must be very pleased.

  7. Surely Sophie’s proximity to the departed toy is circumstantial evidence at best.
    And isn’t that a look of genuine bafflement on her face?
    Yes, pensive best describes dear Bob’s expression.

  8. Sophie will soon be supplementing her daily food intake with a vole or two. School term break ended on Wednesday, the dogs are so happy to have kids to bark at twice a day. The Old Farmer is quite a guy.

  9. Have you tried adding pineapple to food? Supposedly poo doesn't taste as good. Also, walk Sophie outside and spray bitter apple on anything you wouldn't like her to eat. My pup was a recycler for a very short time. She learned quickly that it doesn't taste good. But I had to be very vigilant and be ready every time she pooped. She want touch it anymore. But I did teach her early on and didn't have to deal with other animals

  10. For the entertainment the pilgrims provide for Bob, he gives back to them in joy! Oh the look of innocence on Sophie's face. She is a very good canine actress! So happy for the Old Farmer. I do believe I would be tempted to water the garden exactly at the same time the child with the stick comes along!

  11. I have to wonder what it is that makes Bob react to one person and not to another? Is he perhaps sensing something that we cannot, or is it just because he feels like it? Both maybe?