Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elvis lives

Problems with posting but this version might come through. Click on the photo of the cockatoos to get started. The funniest thing around. Elvis lives : https://twitter.com/BBCJonSopel/status/848301152080994305


  1. Well. I've watched it 4 times now and still makes me laugh. Such a happy, happy little bird. No doubt Elvis would have loved to have been able to raise and spread his pompadour in the same manner.
    Perhaps you could link this again tomorrow morning for the benefit of those who might have missed it.

  2. My that video was funny...thanks for posting Angus.
    The cool bird has a look on its face like "Do I know you? Leave me alone!"

  3. I was going to bed, but I can't stop laughing!!! I was friends with Heckle, an Amazon green parrot. His self taught antics always cracked me up!

  4. Animals are amazing. I don't think the one on the left was a music lover