Saturday, April 8, 2017


Time for the first Simnel cake of Easter. Lighter than Christmas cake ....

.... and with a decadent layer of marzipan running through the middle. Eleven marzipan balls to represent the disciples ( minus Judas ) decorate the top. This is a seasonal tradition in Scotland and Ireland but not France.

To walk it off Angus and the PONs go for a boundary marking tour of the village. Sophie stops to glare at the frogs by the pond. Only two of them leap into the water. The others, too busy basking in the sun, doze on the grass bank.

Sophie hurtles through the door of the cheese mongers. Angus buys a Banon for 'The Font' and some Reblochon. The PONs get slivers of Tome. Bob does his ' I have died and gone to heaven ' soft shoe shuffle. Sophie is disappointed that we have to leave so soon. She is 'encouraged' out.

On the market Square there's time for a coffee. The waiter brings the PONs a bowl of water to share. They get given a dry biscuit that comes wrapped in cellophane. The waiter unwraps it , breaks it in two and gently offers it to them. They retreat under the table with their prize.

Late afternoon. Bob and Angus head off across the fields. Cheese and a cellophane wrapped biscuit. It's turned out to be the best day ever.


  1. Truly the best day ever. And the Simnel cake looks divine.

  2. Such a beautiful cake! I think that the "best day ever" would be made better with a slice of it. Since Simnel cake is not a French tradition, did "the Font" bake it?

  3. That cake looks decadent! Cheese and a dry biscuit? Yes, the best day ever indeed.

  4. What a gorgeous place for a coffee. Sigh...

  5. The best of both worlds, beautiful french town and the beautiful french countryside!

  6. Everything is back to normal - Sophie's legs, slivers of cheese, biscuits, and wonderful walks in the beautiful French countryside. The first of many more best days ever !
    That cake looks scrumptious.

  7. I didn't know about Simnel cakes. Now I want to taste one.
    What a very kind waiter. He fits in well with the best day ever.

  8. Coffee, outside in the sun. That's wonderful in itself.

    Haven't heard of Simnel cakes. We just have hot cross buns.....been available since February.

  9. What a lovely cake and assuredly a best day ever.

    1. Indeed, my plate, fork and glass of milk are at the ready !