Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Drain the swamp.

Bob is up first.

His sister joins him in the garden shortly thereafter.

They wait impatiently while I go to get their harnesses. While waiting Bob does his silent on the spot jig. Sophie emits  a series of her modulating 'get a move on' yelps. She pauses from yelping long enough to savage a stuffed turtle.

Soon(ish) everyone is harnessed up and we set off. The PONs rush ahead along the lane. Bob sprints.Sophie half sprints, half walks. We wave to the farmer in his white van, the late running school secretary in her garish Renault and the young garagiste on his motorbike. There are pauses of varying lengths while we stop to look at the horses, the four donkeys, three sheep and the herd of expectant cows that have been moved into a paddock by the stream. By the statue of the swaying Jesus the mayor and the man with anger management issues are digging horse manure into the churchyard rose beds. The PONs are greatly interested in this. Sophie's urge to 'recycle' the horse manure has to be curtailed. 

When we return home the bees are out in force on the wisteria above the door. Hundreds of them. Bumble bees, honey bees, and half a dozen other types all working frenziedly away. Wisteria must be a bee favourite. The sound of their labours can be heard as we cross the village green. I'm particularly taken with the large black bees with double wings. These buzz away diligently despite having the aerodynamic grace of a double decker bus.

In our absence in California an election poster appeared on the village hall noticeboard. It's now been joined by another. Both are for the same candidate. He has such a lead in the polls that the other candidates seem to have decided not to bother with putting up flyers. His tag line : ' Rediscover our spirit of conquest to build a new France '. Guess that's a fancy way of saying ' Drain the swamp. Last nights television was dominated by a four hour live debate amongst the candidates.

These photos are out of this world :

And for those sad souls looking for an update on Brexit I'd 100% agree with this :


  1. I'm sure that digging horse manure into the churchyard rosebeds is good for anger management issues. Perhaps you should join them if Brrexit is getting to you?
    Gail (who has of course been hiding those "secret oil fields" from the SNP for many a long year...)

  2. Sophie has her priorities right. Perhaps the man with the anger management issues should try savaging a stuffed turtle !

  3. The big irridescent black bees are carpenter bees. They looooove wisteria. I read the Chris Carrin article -- an amusing turn of phrase :-)

  4. I think the translation is closer to Make France Great Again.
    Thank you for the link to those photos. Amazing.

  5. Ah recycled horse manure. Its a favorite with 2 out of 3 in our house....

  6. A beautiful spring at the Rickety Old Farmhouse and a lovely description of your morning’s perambulation.
    Throw in humming bees, spectacular Saturn, and upward-gazing presidential candidates, and what more could we ask?
    Bob and Sophie are looking the picture of health, with last year's troubles behind them.

  7. The Saturn pictures are remarkable, especially the blown-glass Murano colors of the last one.
    The more I read about the extra-electoral efforts of Mr. Putin's pals, the more it seems that they participated not only in the U.S. but in Brexit. Fingers crossed that the French figure out what they're up to. Bob and Sophie could do quite a creditable job of running the country, methinks.

  8. As for the final article... I see your England, and raise you America.
    We are in a pickle like I've never imagined.