Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Some 'moments'.

The world may be changing but Bob and Sophie's daily round is etched in stone.

Pandemonium while harnesses are put on. Then the 'what's keeping you ? ' stare while I look for black bags. Finally, everything in order, we turn right out of the gate and head along the lane. The  battery in the Old Farmers Peugeot has gone flat after three months of inactivity. The young garagiste has recharged it and is putting it back in place. The Old Farmer , resplendent in fur trappers hat with ear flaps, striped pyjamas , brown dressing gown and zimmer frame is peering under the bonnet and telling him not to tighten the leads too much.

Sophie is engrossed in tracking down some badger droppings. She fails to notice the horse by the side of the field. When she does, she nearly leaps out of her skin. She moves behind my legs and glares at the equine presence. She also glares at her owner for letting her get into such a dangerous position.

We walk down from the escarpment to the valley floor. Then we walk back up again. We meet a farmer who tells me that we're going to have the mother of all droughts this year. '' Haven't ever seen temperatures this high in April ". He pauses then carries on " You'd better start irrigating your laurel hedge ".

At the cafe on the square a Boxer stares at Sophie in a sort of admiring  ' I'd like to get to know you better' way. Angus finishes his coffee and the PONs their bowl of water. We hurry away before Sophie has a chance to let the Boxer know what she thinks of him. Some dog owner 'moments' are best avoided. 

Back home Bob and Angus sit on the storm drain and watch the donkeys in the field below. Bob is told, as he is told every morning, that this is ' his country '. Sophie is in the kitchen supervising the preparation of a prawn risotto.

So starts a Tuesday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde. Little things too unimportant to be put in a diary but too important to go completely unrecorded.


  1. Our storm drains have been known to harbour cats....they're never places to meditate, they're places of action.

  2. Yes Angus, surely you know that it is you duty to protect darling delicate Sophie from getting to close enormous horses. They can kick you know!
    Toodle pip!

  3. I think the farmer is going to be right about a drought. The wonderfully warm and blue-skied spring is going to haunt us come summer. Last week, I saw a typical but frightening summer sight: a pair of Canadair on their usual course from the Bassin de Saint-Ferréol, where they pick up water. No sign of fire, so I suspect they were training for later.

  4. Now there's a surprise - Sophie afraid of horses - surely our diva princess isn't fazed by anything ! Bob's country is beautiful - what a lucky chap he is.
    We wonder where the Old Farmer plans to motor to this summer?

  5. Bob's country is glorious! The boxer has a wistful look. Yesterday Bailey Bob had an audition at Dog Camp. The first friend he made was Bella, a chocolate lab. He got a good report card, and was invited to come back. It won't be any time soon, because he is still exhausted from yesterday's activities!

    1. Lucky Bailey Bob. A good report card always comes in handy. All Angus remembers from camp is poison ivy.

  6. The Old Farmer's attire sounds just like mine on the weekends.

  7. It looks gorgeous there! Looks like you had a fun filled day! :) Hehe thanks for sharing with us!