Thursday, April 27, 2017


Sophie is much recovered from her run in with the fox and the thorn thicket. The vet shaved the fur around the wounds and removed pieces of wood that had worked their way into her flank. Betadine is applied twice a day. Sophie licks it off within thirty seconds .

'' She's three kilos overweight " says the vet before adding '' The additional weight's not good for her new knees ". 'The Font' patiently explains that Sophie's rations have been cut but she remains a voracious 'recycler'. ' Have you tried the spray that you put on her food ? ' he asks. 'The Font' sighs and runs through all the things we've tried including following Bob around the garden with a torch and black plastic bags first thing in the morning and last thing at night. '' Oh '' he says in amazement as the divas enthusiasm for scavenging becomes apparent.

The gardeners come to put bark down on the rose beds.

Bob monitors what they're doing closely. Sophie tries to eat the bark but is 'encouraged' indoors.

Bob brings a collection of stuffed toys over to the gardeners. The inference is clear. It takes ten minutes to put down the new bark and fifteen minutes to sate the male PONs desire for a game of throw the partially shredded tortoise.


  1. So glad Sophie's fine after her run in with the thorn bushes. I am thinking her preferred explanation of the wounds might involve a heroic struggle with France Profonde's most vicious fox. Not sure what else you can do on the diet front though, without totally restricting her freedom.
    As for 'the Google not loading', that is a common problem with the laptop my mother uses at her care home...
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Good luck with the bark. Most of ours came in attached to scottie skirts....

    Sent the article about long-haul travel with dogs to friends. So funny (if you aren't involved.)

  3. It is a common problem among divas to be carrying 3 kilos too many. However, most of us attain them not through recyclage but patisseries.
    That article is absolutely hilarious.

  4. Give Sophie a hug from me and Brownie....we wish her wounds well.
    Angus once again you have made me laugh so hard this morning...where on earth do you find these stories.
    Enjoyed the narration and the animation of The Google would not Load...hilarious.

  5. Oh Sophie, is there anything you don't eat?
    We had a Lab who was extremely fond of "recycling". It really didn't matter what it was, or where it came from. We tried everything, including Tabasco sauce liberally applied to any offending matter, but she soon acquired a taste for that too ! Not sure that recycling is a problem that can be solved, some dogs do and some don't - we never found a solution !

  6. I seem to recall one of the vets in Toulouse saying that Sophie was 3 kilos overweight. At least she's holding steady.

    1. Yes, you're right. The problem is that despite all our best efforts she's not losing any weight and it's really not good for her titanium sockets.

  7. Yesterday's article about moving with dogs was great. I sent the link to my older brother and his wife as they are moving from Yellowknife to Ontario in June with two dogs. Being Yellowknife the dogs have very little knowledge of car travel. It only takes a few minutes to drive around town! The dogs are huge too. A friend just drove across the country with hers and the first night she stopped at a motel her dog throw up. Anyhow it might be a good idea for my brother to work with a vet and have a travel plan. Cheers Angus for posting a very timely article. Do not get me started on computers but I do think I fixed the garage door senors thanks to google. Cheers

  8. Bosley gained those extra lbs. since his ACL surgeries....lack of activity while recuperating we think is the he is still not up to his former speed. But again he is a good bit older than Sophie...he's 11. He's all too happy to lay about most days. At this point, we don't think those lbs. are coming off. No idea on the "recycling" issue...we haven't had that problem. Bon chance!

  9. When a horse eats too much they put a grazing muzzle on it..maybe they have one for dogs. She could wear it outside.

  10. Your garden looks beautiful. So do Bob and Sophie.
    I spent a silly (but very enjoyable) amount of time looking at the Hyperbole and a Half blog yesterday.
    And bought an Allie Brosh book.

  11. It would be very hard to ignore Bob, as he seemed to be gathering his toys in to a pile! Sophie, please stay out of thickets, a fox is just not worth it. Yesterday I began packing a suitcase for a 20 day trip. Bailey Bob is the 'helper dog'. We left on the trip today. BB would not eat breakfast this morning and suddenly turned into Velcro. I can not believe I am confessing this: I rode in the back of the van with him for five hours today! This is the same dog that went on a 30 day road trip to the Grand Canyon with out any problems. I think he read the story yesterday about moving!!!