Monday, April 17, 2017

Barking and adorable ?

The Old Farmers Christmas illuminations have been switched on for Easter. The multi-coloured bulbs strung along his gutters, the blue and green lights threaded through the balcony railings and the new star ( smaller than the original which rusted away ) at the end of the long bamboo pole,  shine through the night. This, we must presume, is a sign that our neighbour is on the mend.

This morning he's up and about at first light peering quizzically under the bonnet of the ancient Peugeot.  He intends to drive the 100 metres to the polling station in it next Sunday. 

Bob and Sophie have had some cold lamb with their breakfast kibbles. That alone marks this out as possibly the best day ever. Their humans, lacking canine enthusiasm levels, view it as just another Monday morning.

The election posters remain, so far, free of embellishments.

Who'd have thought workmen would be out and about at eight am on a Monday ? Shortly after we return from our morning walk a large yellow tractor arrives to tidy up the front of the Old Farmers garden. Bob and Sophie are amazed by this development. Bob sits on his stump seat with Furry Fox in his mouth. Sophie stands on her hind legs and barks. I wish she wouldn't do this. The workmen tell her she's 'adorable'. This doesn't stop her barking.

The day has barely begun and already the family PONs are having a whale of a time. Having read the morning news Angus is reminded why having dogs is such an uplifting experience.

Two Monday morning discoveries.

You'll have to scroll down to the tweet at 17h. Can you see the 12 dots ? :

And this simple but telling chart on how farmers have increased grain yields. :


  1. It seems that, as in the UK, order voters are more motivated to vote in France too.

  2. Quite a big piece of machinery for a spring garden tidy-up. Wonder who the Old Farmer is going to vote for. I think I would favor Macron.
    Lamb curry for dinner, perhaps.

    1. The Old Farmer will vote for Macron. Some of the younger villagers will support Le Pen. In the last elections 23 out of 65 villagers ( 100% turnout ) voted for the FN.

    2. Sounds like Melenchon may split off some of Le Pen's voters.

  3. Just how much “tidying up” does the Old Farmer’s garden need? That is indeed an impressive piece of equipment.
    Bob and Sophie have such individual ways of observing the workmen.
    Thank you for a closer look at the wisteria.

  4. That tractor could be termed slightly overkill for the average domestic garden !
    Lamb for breakfast? Oh wow - don't let my Lab know about that - she just gets kibble with her kibble !
    Can we assume that the election posters have remained in pristine condition because the "unsulliers" have run out of insults?

  5. The dogs have helped HER with the daily news, as well....