Monday, April 3, 2017

Bob Wayne.

The post lady arrives at the front gate. '' You've got a parcel from America " she calls out with an equal measure of cheeriness and nosiness. A parcel from abroad a rarity in this deeply conservative part of France. A lady in Pebble Beach has sent Bob a bandana. 

He smiles in a particularly goofy way when he's told he looks like John Wayne.

Sophie is too busy savaging Furry Fox to have a bandana put on her. A girl has her priorities.

Brother and sister are in fine form. Sophie's right leg seemed to be a bit stiff for the first three or four days  after leaving the kennels but is now as good as new. The PONs 'help' as I prune the roses. 'Help' means tearing round the garden at high speed.

Bandana-ed Bob and unbanadana-ed Sophie come with me to the bakers . We choose a raspberry and coconut mousse cake. The PONs share a misshaped croissant.

Fresh lemons in the greengrocers. A sure sign that summer is fast approaching.

So starts our Monday morning .


  1. Can a misshaped croissant be called a croissant....isn't it just a pastry?

  2. Well, I'm not sure that my girl (a Lab) would worry about the finer points of a misshapen croissant, it would still taste the same to her !
    On our dog walk we pass a villa which is a holiday home, used for about a month each year. The garden is full of lemon trees, absolutely weighed down with plump fruit, but I notice that where they overhang the road, there's not a lemon to be seen ! These are 'lunar' trees which fruit throughout the year.
    Bob looks so handsome in his bandana.

  3. That is most adorable picture of Bob. Love it. PONs do love to smile and now I am smiling!

  4. Nice bandana! I am surprised the diva didn't take to extra primping.

  5. What a Perfect way to start my week! "Bob Wayne" looks very pleased with himself indeed. I love the smile.
    I agree with Coppa's girl; Beau (aka Bozo) would eat the misshaped croissant without even looking at the shape!! :) Chomp.

    1. I think Beau and our Millie view food the same way: immediate consumption.

  6. Love the picture of Bob Wayne smiling. He's probably saying "Howdy, Pilgrim" in PONese.

  7. Bob looks very dashing in his bandana and naturally takes his role of guarding the frontier very seriously.
    His goofy smile is adorable.
    Sophie of course sets her own agenda.
    The raspberry and coconut mousse cake looks so light, especially compared to the rather dense red velvet cake.

  8. Bob, you are extremely handsome in your bandana!

  9. Bob for President! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (He couldn't do a worse job and he's so much better looking!)
    Pam in NH

  10. So now I have to search for a recipe for raspberry coconut mousse cake! Yum!
    Bob looks very handsome sporting his new bandana! Terrific! Glad Sophie's leg is doing ok, too!
    Our Bosley with his ACL repairs is coming along...still not 100%, but gradually getting back to normal. He's older than Sophie though.
    Smiles to you!

  11. Oh that smile!!! That made my day, thank you!