Monday, April 24, 2017

No surprises.

The first round of the election is over but the state of emergency continues. Outside the museum in the little market town two fresh faced soldiers stand on guard. Three ladies heading towards morning mass on their bicycles, the sort with wicker baskets over the handlebars, cycle slowly past them. The ladies ( tweed skirts and knitted berets and of a certain age ) dismount. They turn and walk their bicycles up to the boys and thank them for '' keeping us safe ". One little lady stands on tip toe and gives the shorter of the soldiers a chaste kiss. 'The Font' notices his attempts to look stern but he quietly wipes tears from his eyes. France is different.

The first round of the election results as expected. For once the pollsters have got it right. The PONs are blissfully unaware of the electoral drama that might have been. In the village a council truck comes and takes away nine of the eleven billboards. Two are left for the second round in two weeks time.

After our morning constitutional Bob lies soaking up the early sun. A PON in clover.

We choose a light Strawberry mousse cake for lunch.

White asparagus from the greengrocers.

A trip to the frozen food store that sells excellent ( made in the UK ) Naans to go with the dinner time curry. Dogs are not allowed in the frozen food store so the PONs wait impatiently in the back of the car.

Back at home a long walk down the hill to the stream and the waterfall. There is a PON attempt at fishing.

So starts our Monday morning.


  1. Your menus always sound so tempting.
    My 12-year-old asked about the election results first thing this morning. Kids and dogs are equally carefree, until a certain point, when the worries of the world intrude. I thought it came later than 12.

  2. A light strawberry mousse cake?
    Perhaps a good idea after the not so light (but utterly heavenly) home made buttermilk ice-cream!

  3. Perfect - white asparagus followed by a light strawberry mousse cake - with slivers for the PONs of course. Can the day get any better?

  4. The story of the ladies on bicycles and young soldiers is most touching. A lovely glimpse of France.
    Bob amidst the clover, sun and shadows makes me smile.
    A light strawberry mousse cake for lunch would be just fine; I’m afraid our lunch will be more prosaic.

  5. I, too, was touched by the picture of the bicycle ladies and the young soldiers. A needed touch of humanity.
    Given that divine menu, it seems that the PONs aren't the only ones in clover.

  6. Sad when there must be armed guards....