Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Sapotilles from Thailand make an appearance in the greengrocers exotic fruits section.

Beets seem to be more to the liking of the locals.

The newsagent has installed a counter that sells soft candies of a type that shout out 'tooth decay'. There is a already a queue of impatient seven year olds wanting to buy them as they wait for the school bus.

The baker has made Brioche Royale. The PONs give this 10/10. We don't buy a brioche but we do buy a raspberry tart. On our way home a stone chip flies up and creates a small but visible crack in the Volvo's windscreen. Is it my imagination or does it start to get larger ? This morning Bob and Angus will visit Car Glass. 

It rains. Soft, gentle, warm rain. The PONs charge round the garden in search of freshly watered scents. Sophie goes hunting for pheasants. The pheasants in the long grass have nothing to fear. She howls with delight.

The rain is followed by bright sunshine. The plants around the well seem to shoot up in front of our eyes. This year it seems we shall be following the flower beds as jungle approach to gardening. Bob guards his house and flock from the front door step.

So starts a quiet Wednesday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde.

A European v US map of life expectancy :

Dog owners might find this story of a move to Oregon interesting . Sophie would seem to have a soul mate :


  1. Here we are thinking that brioche AND raspberry tart would have been a good choice.
    Based on the map,relocating from Scotland to the South of France looks like a good move.
    Cheers, Gail (who is reaching the age where live expectancy data is beginning to feel rather more meaningful...)

  2. How DID you walk away from that brioche?
    The rain was wonderful. Long-awaited. Now is the time to pull weeds, while the ground is soft. Alas.

  3. From the two maps it looks like you and "The Font" have chosen the right place to live!

  4. I have just laughed so hard tears were running down my face over "Hyperbole and a Half". The dogs were too funny. I haven't seen that blog before and its a pity that Allie doesn't blog any more. Thank you for being here every day. I love
    reading about Bob and Sophie and all the adventures of the Old Farm House. You make my day!

  5. Looking at the maps, are we likely to see a surge of US migrants our side of the pond?
    Bertie is right, brioche and strawberry tart would have made it a best day ever - if the PONs had been given a sliver of each.

  6. In addition to the most mouth watering baked goods ever, there is assorted candy! Really? I am still trying to regain my composure after reading the dog story.

  7. The dog story is extremely funny and so well done! Long distance traveling with Sophie?
    For Americans who prefer to remain close to home, we might all converge on Minnesota.

  8. I've always loved that post, and the one about giving the simple-minded dog the IQ test is great, too, but her post on the 10 stages of pain kills me - I cannot read it in public as I cannot help cackling hysterically :)

  9. So nice to see Bob guarding his dominion at the ROF....he does take his job seriously.
    I am always amazed at how you make a decision on what lovely pastry to buy each day....I do envy you.
    I LOVED that post on the two dogs so much...I laughed till I cried.