Friday, April 14, 2017

First v Business.

Bob arrives in the bedroom. He's not allowed in the bedroom but he's taken to wandering in, licking my ear and then, satisfied I'm awake, wandering out. This is called making sure your master knows it's time to get the day started.

The PONs get walked. The almost full moon sinking into the first light. Sophie is in one of her sniff every flower, stare at every animal moods. We don't cover a huge distance but we're out for an hour.

While the PONs sleep their owners head off intoToulouse. An American lady has taken up position on the crossroads by the underground car park and is busily painting the street scene. The town is full of Americans. A large airline is taking delivery of a new aircraft from Airbus and flying it back across the Atlantic on its maiden voyage. First and business class seats have been allocated to travel agents as a 'thank you' perk. The ladies at the table next to us in the cafe don't sound particularly happy. Lory from the Cincinnati office has got a first class seat. They have been given seats in business. A less than flattering analysis of Lory's character and work practises follows.

As they go 'The Font' cheerfully enjoins them to have a good flight. '' Hope you don't get re-allocated ". This little nugget of Swedish humour is met with blank incomprehension.

We go into the Tunisian store in search of fresh Baklava. Three types - walnut, hazelnut and pistachio - just coming out of the bakery.

We also buy some fresh Turkish Delight even though neither of us is really keen on it.

A final stop at the wine merchants and the specialist chocolate shop.

Angus spends half an hour in the wine merchants. When he comes out 'The Font' is still doing battle with the queue in the chocolate shop.

Our journey into town takes fifty minutes. On the way back there's a security alert at the airport . The traffic backed up for miles. A reminder the country is on high alert for the elections. We sit in the traffic for forty five minutes. The PONs are delighted to see us return.

A busy and hot day in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. I want to go shopping in Toulouse.

  2. I was just in Toulouse myself, but not on the day of the alert. However, traffic was backed up. It's always like that on the periph'. I count my blessings that I turned down a job offer in Toulouse that would have required being in that traffic every day.
    It really is a lovely city. I am surprised there were many Americans; most stick to Paris and Provence. Blame the NYT.

  3. I'm surprised that travel agents of all people didn't catch onto "The Font's" remark. The lawyers for the mistreated passenger, Dr. Dao, are now holding press conferences. Seems as though every news cast has a clip of him being dragged through the plane.
    That square with its blue-shuttered brick buildings reminds me of an Italian piazza.

    1. The hotels often become full whenever a new A-350 is on a delivery flight to a US carrier. The airline has a ceremony at the factory, then everyone hops on board for as trip back home. Apart from the outbound leg and a coule of nights accommodation its pretty mauch a no cost incentive for travel agents.

  4. Sophie's tail, Baklava,and thoughts of the delights of the Chocolatier are all magnificent !
    I wonder, is that blonde lady 'The Font' - she's in your photo outside the Chocolatier, and again in the queue?

  5. Yes, all magnificent. I even like Turkish Delight, though a little goes a long way.
    Now Coppa's girl has me wondering, too about the attractive and stylish blonde lady.