Sunday, December 9, 2018

All's well and Christmas song # 6 - in Gaelic.

Cold wet weather seems to have discouraged the protesters. There was violence in Bordeaux but everywhere else things were relatively peaceful. Saturday in Toulouse was calm and abnormally quiet. The motorway pay booths are still blockaded but everything else is working smoothly. 

This morning a quick trip to the florist that doubles up as the undertakers.

As we leave the car the sun just catches one of the large village houses. We pass it nearly every day and don't give it a second glance but today it's looking rather handsome - and comfortable.

Another feature I'd been too busy to notice ...

... the hinges on the neighbouring villages church doors are very fine affairs with a suitably stern head of Jesus in ironwork. This is presumably a design feature to let you know what sort of building you're about to enter - as if you could be in any doubt.

Bob and Sophie are quite disinterested in the iron work. They are keen to get to the cafe and a reviving croissant sliver.

Christmas song # 6 in Gaelic :


Lisa in Tokyo said...

Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the Christmas songs!

WFT Nobby said...

Me too!

Poppy Q said...

I like the village house although it seems strange being right on the road - I prefer your farmhouse!!

We are enjoying your selection of songs as well. Thanks for entertaining us.

Hill Top Post said...

I am wondering why I never came across your oh-so-wonderful blog! I just can't wait to go back to previous posts.