Sunday, December 30, 2018

The trial run ?

Cold and grey this morning. The mercury hovering just above zero. The PONs master can't help but think how wonderful it would be to stay tucked up in a warm bed. A cold wet nose in his ear at 5:57 am disabuses him of this idea. 

Down to Toulouse. The town quiet. Christmas revelers have gone and the New Year celebrants have still to arrive. The cakes in the big city are rather more sophisticated in execution and design than those out in the depths of the countryside.

The croissants are also more Parisian in their 'execution'. While we go to the airport Bob and Sophie have been left at home to guard The Rickety Old Farmhouse so they miss out on this gourmet treat.

We've parked in the car park by the cathedral. The narrow parking spaces are designed for one of those little two seat city cars. Down on sub level 4 the ceilings are low and the Volkswagen seems enormous. There is much squeaking of tyres as the 'Loonj' is squeezed into a spot that is rather too small for comfort. Angus and 'The Font' do that strange European car park routine of contorting themselves sideways out of car doors that won't open quite wide enough.

The organ in the cathedral is situated high up on one wall. The cathedral is an unusual affair. One end was started and then abandoned and then a separate building was started off to the side. Some people blame the Black Death for this unusual state of affairs. Others say the foundations of the first cathedral were too weak.  The two buildings don't fit together and are linked by a strange right angular nave with a huge column plonked in the middle.

The cathedral is deserted apart from one old priest sitting by the altar who is singing along to the carols playing on the distant organ. We are unsure whether this is a service or a trial run for the New Year mass.

And some last Sunday of the year Handel :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Will assume this is the delayed China trip in its precursory stages and wish you safe travels. Thanks for the peek in the cathedral. YAMxx

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie thinks it most unfair that Bob and Sophie missed out on the gourmet croissant.

Poppy Q said...

Those cakes are hilarious. They look like plastic animals on top. I hope you bought one.

The old priest reminds me of going to my great aunts funeral. She was an old nun, but at the funeral they wheeled out the super old ones. Two fell asleep and snored, and one of them asked us how Aunty Mary was (she was the one in the pine box). Bless them.

Julie Q

Angus said...

Bless them indeed !

Taste of France said...

Parking in Toulouse is always a great adventure. Saint-Etienne is beautiful, if lopsided. I see the interior is loaded with marbre de Caunes.

rottrover said...

Hoping the arrivals are the cost centers for a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration! The best day ever!!