Sunday, December 16, 2018

Greeted like long lost friends and Christmas song # 13.

There were 15 of us crammed into the town hall alongside the mayor, the mayors secretary and the young garagiste and his bride ( who turns out to be the sweet girl from the supermarket cash desk ). The bride to be greets us like long lost friends - which considering we see her three times a week we might well be. The wedding was due to start at eleven but the mayor showed up at quarter past. He had to go to the neighbouring village to buy a small bouquet for the bride but found the florist was closed. The celebrations started at one and went on for quite some time. The local restaurant pulled out all the stops. A six course meal was produced - cottage cheese, lobster terrine, foie gras, venison, more cheese and then chocolate mousse. This was washed down with 'local' wine.  All the guests, with varying degree of conviction, declared this meal to be the finest they'd ever had. A single storey wedding cake - three feet long and two feet wide - was wheeled out on a trolley to be cut.  It was a very happy affair.

More about the event tomorrow when Angus has fully recovered from the effects of the 'local' wine.

This morning the PONs are up early.  It's pitch dark and pouring with rain outside but the angelic duo are keen to get the day started. Angus could also do with a long walk.

Christmas song #13. And here are some people standing on the edge of a sand dune looking beatific :


  1. Your account of the wedding made me tear up, in a good way. It all sounds so very sweet, in a world that needs more of that. Please do recover quickly from the wine so you can tell us more about the day, and what you and The Font decided on as a present. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Thank you for Christmas song #13 - Tim Foust's dip into the basso profundo was impressive!

  3. Hari Om
    ooh. I am tingling all over (should that be twinkling to honour your tree?); from the warmth and joy of a 'local' wedding and the sound of voices deep... hope that the day has worn on enough for suitable 'recovery'. YAM xx

  4. Aww the wedding actually sounds like it was quite a sweet afternoon and filled with delightful characters and a bit of dubious food and wine. Good on you two for showing up.

    Love your hallway and tree at the end - such nice photos of my two favorite dogs. I think you should make them into Christmas cards next year.

  5. Is Sophie's image a reflection of how you felt this morning?

  6. The first picture of Sophie looks as if she is wearing the most magnificent holiday hat, with matching earrings. Your Christmas Tree is glorious, and in the perfect place! I was so excited to hear about the wedding, and look forward to more details, when you are, ummm, feeling better . . .

  7. glad the wedding went off well!

    They should have invited the dogs, they could have been ring bearers, lol

    Is it a local custom for the Mayor to give the bride the bouquet?