Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday morning and Christmas Song #8

Bob starts off his day looking presentable. Sophie, who has excavated something tantalizing to eat, less so.

The yellow jacket encampment at the roundabout is a shadow of its former self. A white tent, a solitary car and a blue and black tarpaulin are all that's left. Many of the protesters seem to have got bored now the weather has turned colder. We were hopeful that the demonstrations might be coming to an end but breakfast radio informs us that the farmers are about to start blockading the roads. No one seems quite sure why.

Our morning croissant a masterpiece. Crispy outside, buttery  on the inside. The PONs get the curly ends.

The first Buche de Noel make an appearance. Angus buys two secure in the knowledge 'The Font' will take half a forkful and pass the remainder over to him.

The cafes Christmas lunch menu looks appealing. The new wallpaper less so.

' A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices '. Christmas Song #8. All the components of every French villages chaotic carol service are in this video. Some things are universal. The serious youngster aiming for the high notes ( how everyone prays as the top note draws near ), the errant toddler at the 2:00 mark and of course the draw for the Christmas raffle. The singer demonstrates great kindness and what might best be described as an 'emotive' style. Elvis never had to deal with this sort of thing :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQkykxGj3sY


WFT Nobby said...

The singer has the most endearing smile and I love the way he blushes pale pink as a the performance progresses.

Anonymous said...

Well done to him.That poor boy displays an exceedingly good nature when the 'audience' arrives on stage.

Angus said...

Not everyone could deal with a situation like that !

Taste of France said...

A very challenging but thrilling carol.
Will the yellow vests be satisfied with Macron's olive branches? Let's hope so. I seem to be seeing fewer vests on dashboards of cars on the roads.

Anonymous said...

A most beautiful Christmas song and how that video has made me smile.
Who needs Lemsip when there are healing moments like that to behold!

Poppy Q said...

A sweet video and I guess you have probably doubled the views of his video.

Susan said...

I think the singer might not be quite as young as he looks. He's wearing a wedding ring. I'd say the child is very well known to him (family I would guess).

rottrover said...

I was completely charmed by the video this morning.