Sunday, December 2, 2018


We stop to watch the donkeys.  Sophie finds something small and dead in the drainage ditch. She holds it tight in her jaws before throwing her head back and swallowing it with a gulp of triumph. This is the canine equivalent of finding a $10 bill on the pavement. On second thoughts make that a $50.

Not much happens in the village but Bob sits on his stump seat watching out in case anything does.

The delivery men come with the new washing machine. They were supposed to come yesterday but the yellow vest protesters had blockaded their warehouse. While installing the new machine two inquisitive furry animals get into the back of their van. Thankfully, Bob is not in a christening mood. The two inquisitive creatures are 'encouraged' out. The delivery men remove the ramp to stop any further adventures.

In the greengrocers it's the time of year when the oranges with leaves show up on the shelves. Oranges with leaves attached are twenty cents a kilo more expensive than those without.

Mundanity time in Croissantville. Today's example looks the part but tastes like white processed loaf.

The young delivery drivers, exhausted after dealing with two enthusiastic shaggy dogs, have opted for a coffee in the same cafe. They seem less than delighted to be reacquainted with their two shaggy friends. Their two shaggy friends are delighted to see them. Sophie emits a shriek of delight.

When PONs travel they're rarely away from people they know. 

And a warning to Porsche owners. Don't park your car in Paris :


Poppy Q said...

Bob - you are a delight. I love that you sit and supervise the folks that pass by the farmhouse on your little stool.

It is a shame that your delivery men did not enjoy your company.

Angus said...

Carrying heavy washing machines with a PON trying to help is a difficult task.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
The Paris shenanigans showed up on our screens yesterday; till now the news had been pretty much relegated to 'forgetable'. Can't beat a riot and police shields at work to get the 'razzi' interested.

That Croissant could have been used as a hand grenade by one of those protesters! YAM xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The “yellow jacket” activists torching cars and protesting in Paris and other places in France have been on the news here for the last several evenings. I think the crowd could use a good dose of a Bob and Sophie to help calm those nerves. Is there really room for negotiation? I've read that a government spokesman said it is open to dialogue but will not change course.