Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Unusual blessings and Christmas Song #1.

The fish lady calls last thing at night to say she's getting a delivery of freshly caught Sea Bass from Arcachon. This morning we take the back roads to avoid the Yellow Jacket demonstrators on the motorway. We're there when she's setting out the morning delivery on the ice counter. Bob and Sophie LOVE a trip to the fishmongers. Today they each get two small cooked prawns. Tails go into overdrive.

A Peach Crumble for 'The Font' and a 'Royal' for me.

Back at home Bob sits on his stump seat and guards.

So far this morning he's observed two tractors, the school bus and the perennially late running woman who brushes her six and four year old boys hair while she drives.

Bob can sit staring at nothing in particular for hours.

And the first seasonal piece of music. Sung by a choir in Nizhny Novgorod. 27 years ago I was there and on my way back in a snowstorm ( in an aircraft with propellers and canvas seats ) the pilots invited me into the cockpit for a glass of vodka. Good enough reason to post this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgbtOQRNfkY

Unusual blessings. Worth scrolling down. # 49 is difficult to beat :  https://twitter.com/blagoslovie

Rules for a happy life. Avoid dinners where there are no women present and the only guests are men in dark suits. 


WFT Nobby said...

Do I detect a slight improvement in the baker's display today?

Angus said...

Well spotted. There is some colour in the cakes today.

Virginia said...

I enjoyed the line blessing “an Italian bishop “! Very good!

Poppy Q said...

Some of those boys are rocking some great mullets.

Bob on his stool - what a good boy!!

I like this variety of little cakes. I wonder what the trio one tastes like?

potty said...

US:China. At least the Interpretors were female!

Taste of France said...

Hilarious blessings. Not sure of the efficacy of holy water on computers.
Very impressed that you get a personal tip-off call from the fishmonger!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...and #43 below it. Hilarious. However, no scoffing from me; Hindu panditas do much the same! Adorable tune for advent week. Colourful though they be, none of these cakes call to the YAMster! xx

liparifam said...

Or - avoid dinners where Donald Trump is in attendance... :) I, too, thought the cakes looked more appetizing today!