Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The lilac jacket and Christmas song # 15.

Good morning from him ....

 ..... and good morning from her.

On our morning walk an old Mercedes passes us and stops. Out gets the German billionaire. He speaks lovingly, in English, about how he came to acquire this 1953 classic. ' I found it in Berlin. It has a full service record. Indeed it has the fullest ! You would not find such a thing in France ". After that Angus doesn't pay much attention to what is being said, his attention consumed by what our wealthy neighbour is wearing. Brown check trousers with non matching brown and red striped pockets. A lilac jacket with purple edging to the lapels, green suede loafers and an orange polo neck . The tout ensemble gives him the look of a racy Edwardian era music hall comedian. Quite remarkable. Angus silently vows to stick to a blue dress code. We are invited to the chateau for pre-Christmas drinks. Bob and Sophie watch on in bemused silence.

The Police have finally cleared away the protesters encampment.

All that is left are the charred remains of some cars and a large pile of still smouldering tyres.

Christmas Song # 15 . A favourite of four year olds : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwfqhXhvUTs


  1. Hari Om
    I confess that rendition was rather too 'updated' for my taste. Your description of the German's outfit nearly had my porridge going in reverse... YAM xx

  2. I saw your comment yesterday about the roundabout trees. Destruction for destruction's sake. I don't find the yellow vests to be "gentil" at all. I do understand their frustration over spending power and taxes, though I disagree with their tactics. Had a discussion yesterday with someone about the many people running undeclared gites. Our gites remain in the red because we do declare them, and taxes like URSSAF have to be paid no matter how little you earn (plus, our rates are a bit more expensive because we are paying taxes). The salaried folks wearing yellow vests have no way to escape taxes. Artisans like plumbers may get paid in cash, but it takes an awful lot of plumbers to add up to one Panama Papers multimillionaire.

  3. What color is the old Mercedes? Whatever it is, it will match some aspect of the colorwheel outfit of your pal. Now I want to know about the interior decoration of the chateau. Or maybe not.

    1. The interior of the chateau is entirely modern. Everything old has been ripped out and replaced with white walls and pale elm woodwork. The top two floors have been joined together and have had what I believe are Cathedral ceilings installed. There are more ceiling lights than one would believe possible. The interior lighting when they're all on is vaguely similar to being inside a blast furnace.

  4. Oh, dear. How unfortunate. Money, as we see daily in DC, is not a guarantee of good taste.

  5. When you said a "favourite of four year olds" I'd expected it to be something like "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" or that fun-family-favorite, "Dominic the Donkey."