Friday, December 14, 2018

Home and Christmas song #11

After being closed for a month the local motorway pay booths are open again. The gilet jaune protesters have moved to a muddy encampment by the roundabout. It looks remarkably cold and uncomfortable. This may explain why their numbers have dropped from more than a hundred to around a dozen.  Those that are left are collecting wooden pallets and old tyres in case they need to rebuild ( and set fire to ) the barricades.

In the greengrocers a 'special' on tamarind. 'The Font' uses tamarind sparingly in Indian cooking but to not enough to buy it by the half kilo box .

Local carrots for the PONs. As treats the angelic duo get either carrots ( cut into four length ways ) or rice cakes. The ingredients label on the supermarket brand dog biscuits hints that this might be a wise choice. The PONs love carrots. Bizarrely, they also love rice cakes.

Sophie is delighted to welcome me home. She shrieks.

Angus has laid a plastic sheet over the louvred swimming pool cover. This stops the leaves working their way through the segments and into the water. Sophie  loves to stick her backside in the air and drink from the water that's collected on the plastic sheet. She seems oblivious to the fact that this is inelegant behaviour for a family diva.

Christmas song #11. These people all seem very happy. I'm guessing they come from some sunny state :

Only in America. KFC scented firelogs would drive the PONS insane. It's on the website so it must be real :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Viva Voctave! Carrot sticks and rice cakes... seems I'd make a good PON. YAM xx

Emm said...

Given the work required to produce usable tamarind from the contents of that box, you'd be all day at it.
My dogs have always liked unsalted rice cakes and carrots. Also cucumber slices and the crunchy stems of lettuce.
That London twitter thread from yesterday's comments is laugh out loud funny. The Grey Lady still takes itself far too seriously.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful with that plastic tarp over your pool. If one of the darling duo should happen to fall/step onto it, their weight might pull the tarp out from under the stands that are holding it on the edge. The may result in a dog under the tarp, in the water with no way out.

Taste of France said...

I love that carol, but the singers seem like they overdosed on happy pills.
The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, which is likely to encourage protesters.

Angus said...

No need to worry the tarp is over a louvered solar powered cover which can support a human

Poppy Q said...

I love Sophie drinking from the pool cover.