Monday, January 14, 2019

A 1960's pop star.

Cold, wet and miserable. There's a stiff wind blowing in from the Atlantic. Bob sprints along the lane in search of adventure. Sophie, oblivious to the weather, dawdles. She's in one of her sniff every blade of grass, glare at every weed moods. When told to hurry along she demonstrates sudden onset deafness coupled to clinical stubbornness.

Home for the angelic duo to be towel dried in the kitchen. Bob is suffering from a flattened hair moment. This gives him something of the air of a 1960's pop star. Beatle Boy Bob.

Artichokes from the greengrocers for lunch.

A somewhat 'standard' croissant at the cafe although the good news is that the coffee isn't burnt.

A 3 chocolats vies with a strawberry and raspberry cake for attention. 'The Font' thinks Angus should give up both wine and anything sugary for Lent. The aim is to lose 8 kilos and get into the green band on the cardiovascular chart. Lent, the angelic duo are told, is months away. Let's live a little while we can. 3 chocolats it is.

The glorious world of central Asian television. Here is the President of Turkmenistan visiting his country's athletes and demonstrating unerring accuracy when playing bowls . The ladies playing ping pong steal the show:


WFT Nobby said...

I think Angus could justify his cake choice on the basis that it is not the season for raspberries and strawberries. Whereas it is always the season for chocolate...

Taste of France said...

Sadly, wine is very high in calories.
Can't you double up on dog walks instead of depriving yourself? At least the morning croissant isn't on the Lent list.

Poppy Q said...

3 chocolates seems a wise choice although I am sure it all tastes the same.

What will the font give up for lent?

Angus said...

Wine and chocolate to encourage Angys. The fact 'The Fonts' intake of wine ( and chocolte ) is minimal is overlooked in this arrangement. Lent doesn't start until March.

Camille said...

Oh look...your baker named a cake after me. How very kind of them. Actually, the three chocolates cake looks yummy. But the thought of giving up both chocolate AND wine for lent? Gasp!