Monday, January 7, 2019


It seems c-a-t-s have started to sleep on the garden benches by the wall at the back of the house. A comfortable spot that is sheltered from the winds that blow down from the mountains. We think that two, possibly three, have started to spend their nights there. Sometimes , in the small hours, they become noisily amorous. For the PONs the presence of c-a-t-s is an affront to all that is sacred. They hurtle out of the front door to check out the taunting feline sounds. It goes without saying that the c-a-t-s are up and safely away at the sound of the first  excited bark .

A most unappetising display at the bakers. Kiwi, tinned mandarin and grape tart something that we can easily resist.

And here's something that's both French and Spanish :

Well done Whirlpool :


  1. We agree - the kiwi flan has lost the fresh look they were maybe going for.

    What fun being able to chase round and sniff out the overnight intruders. It is nice that the cats have found somewhere sheltered to sleep, it must be somewhat cold for them being outside overnight.

  2. Thanks for the Whirlpool link. Poverty as a serious factor in schools is something New Zealand is struggling with too.

  3. The Whirlpool story is amazing. Bravo to the school administrator for really listening to students.

  4. Hari OM
    the PONs are earning their keep... the baker, perhaps not! Sloppy is the word which comes to mind, in all contexts.

    Not so the St Louis school and Whirlpool. YAM xx

  5. The Whirlpool story is really interesting. What an observant can-do head teacher, and good on Whirlpool for coming to the party. I hope the kids concerned can continue to wash their clothes at school without a stigma about it developing.

  6. Every time my washer or dryer "dies" I end up at the laundromat before the new machine arrives and I cannot believe how expensive those rent-a-washers are! It's so sad for kids...good for Whirlpool!!!

  7. Glad that Whirlpool is a good corporate citizen, but how appalling that children in what is supposedly the richest country are in that position.
    Your French-Spanish video was followed, in my YouTube feed, by a flashmob of Argentine tango, in Budapest. Very interesting.