Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How scary is that ?

Sophie wanders into the newly ploughed field to search for an early morning pre-breakfast snack. Despite her best efforts there are no decapitated voles or badger poo to be found today.

Back at home big brother is up and in the back of the car as soon as he's finished his kibbles. It goes without saying that Sophie objects to the fact that Bob is already in the car and in her spot. She howls.  Anyone might think that Bob does this to annoy her. This noisy interaction has now become part of our daily routine. Bob looks rather pleased with himself.

Madame Bay and the ladies of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee are at the church early. Every year they set up the Christmas Crib in front of the altar on (or around) December 20th. They then lock up the church and only return when the festive season is over. In the meantime the Crib and its lights shine away in an empty and bolted church. How scary is that ? This has been a village tradition ever since the last curate left in 1957. Madame Bay says it '' makes the church feel loved ".


Poppy Q said...

Bob does look super duper pleased like all brothers - it must be a universal need to brass off your sister.

That is a truly weird tradition that the ladies of the parish undertake each year.

WFT Nobby said...

Are there no Christmas services at all at the village church?

Emm said...

That is a very ... odd church tradition.
Bob looks to me as if he's doing his version of canine Henry Higgins, being stuffy and superior. With just a touch of "Who, me?"

Susan said...

I love the story about the church! V. weird.

Anonymous said...

I rather like that church tradition. I think Bob, being the gent, is just warming up Sophies spot for her. Poor misunderstood chap!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Scary? No... rather sad? Yes. YAM xx